Those were the days when I just wanted to go to the library to read books, to find documents for group study, or just a birthday celebration. There are the professional skills and ethics that I had been trained through the months "Lectures in the morning – Hospital training in the afternoon" at big hospitals since my second year until when I graduated.
Tran Dang Nhu Quynh Faculty of Nursing
Those were the months when I "devote all my time" with the research projects, with lecturers to explore the practical application value from those projects which are useful in working after graduated. There were many meaningful activities called "Community and Social Responsibility" that I remembered
Huynh Thi Thu Trang Faculty of Human Resource Management
It is a honor and proud to be named and received scholarship “Hoa Anh Dao” continuously for 3 years
Duong To Nga Faculty of Finance and Accounting
It is a complete self development to be confident to follow passions. I also was a MC to connect the crew of the USS John McCain with students, and participated in many extracurricular and exchange with students from Japan, Korea, Thailand every year.
Pham Thi My Ly Faculty of Foreign Languages
I am proud to say “I am an UDA student and I am confident in competing with any student from other public and private universities in foreign languages ​​and skills in Hospitality Management. There were wonderful experiences from internship days at big corporates including Centara and Intercontinental.
Vo Huu Chien Faculty of Hospitality Management