UDA Marketing students propose solutions to promote book publishing among young people.

On November 27th, over 100 first-year students of the Multimedia Communications major at Dong A University Marketing Faculty took a field trip to Danang Publishing House.

The leadership of Danang Publishing House praised the UDA students’ serious attitude in their studies, especially their suggestions for improving the channels to better reach the youth.
The trip to Danang Publishing House, a well-established publishing house with 40 years of history and development, provided an opportunity for students of the Multimedia Communications major at Dong A University to gain a more diverse perspective on their field and the future workplace.
Not only did the UDA students experience publishing and distribution activities but they also had the chance to interact directly with the management board of Danang Publishing House. In addition to the general introduction to the history and development of Danang Publishing House, the leadership shared their experiences and had open discussions about the issues that the students had been interested in.
Despite being in their first year at university, the students asked many interesting questions about the industry, including publishing in general and the activities of Danang Publishing House in particular, necessary skills and career opportunities for the UDA Marketing graduates in the publishing field, related issues, distribution and the development of reading culture in the digital age.
The students were known to spend time researching information from the official website, social media platforms, and the Danang Publishing House e-commerce site. Not only did the students seriously study but they also prepared meticulously and confidently presented their ideas and proposed practical solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of book promotion and distribution and make books more accessible to young people.
Danang Publishing House was highly impressed by the attitude, the learning spirit, and the knowledge and skills of the UDA students. The leadership of Danang Publishing House also expressed their gratitude and appreciated the valuable contributions of the students. Such contributions will be put into practice to improve the efficiency of Danang Publishing House in the future.
Given the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals in the field, the trip helped the UDA students gain a better understanding of how publishing houses work. This could enhance the value and knowledge of the student’s major, preparing them for future job opportunities.