The student SOS team of Dong A University free of charges repairs for students after the historic rain

On October 15, a free motorbike repair site for students that was flooded after the rain on October 14 was opened at the University yard. Studying at Dong A university, the "workers" who repair motorbikes are members of the SOS student team of Dong A University.

On October 15, more than 60 motorbikes that broke down due to the heavy rain were repaired by members of the SOS student team at Dong A University, helping to return to normal operation. In the morning, the team also helped to clean and repair more than 20 bikes for students in heavily flooded hostels.

Earlier, on the evening of October 14, when Da Nang had received the heavy rain causing flooding in many places, the team supported timely relocation of more than 20 students in unsafe and heavily flooded accommodation areas to stay at school.

Nguyen Ha - a student at Dong A University, one of the guests who was patiently queuing for help - shared: "Not only did the motorbike break down, but my hostel was flooded half a meter high. Busy cleaning all day, it was time to take out the bike but I remember that the bike was also broken. It was lucky that my friends pointed out the SOS team's bike repair point because the garage is now full of people queuing up. In fact, the repair costs are not much, but getting help now helps those who have lost their property or are tired of cleaning up to feel comforted. Moreover, the staff are very enthusiastic and friendly. They also energize others.”