Student in Tourism with the Seminar "2+2 Transfer Program to Keimyung University and scholarship opportunities in Korea"

Experiencing the leading international environment at Keimyung University in Korea is no longer far away for students in the Faculty of Tourism at Dong A University.

On October 25, Dong A University held a seminar program "Keimyung University 2 + 2 Transfer Program and Scholarship Opportunities in Korea" with more than 200 students of the Faculty of Tourism.

The seminar gives students a vivid look at life and the study environment in the land of kimchi. Based on the aspirations of current students, the program also orients careers and builds effective learning paths for students.

Through this program, students also answered questions about the 2 + 2 transfer program between Dong A University and Keimyung University, Korea.

It’s also known that the program will also be held for students of the Faculty of Korean Language and Culture on November 2.

In addition, Dong A University has currently had many transfer programs such as the 3+1 program with Nottingham Trent University, the 1+3 program also associated with Angelo State University (USA),... implemented in many different ways to help students prepare well in the first time studying at the school, reduce study abroad costs and receive degrees from prestigious universities abroad.