New students deciphering difficult problems in love

In the series of useful and interesting activities and continuing the content of necessary topics in the first week of the course, on the morning of October 13, the Faculty of Education at Dong A University organizes the program "Love and Reproductive Health - Knowing Enough, Doing Right" for new students K22.

Freshmen are often "framed" with "To get hit the road" entering the university lecture hall, and starting a new independent life with many difficulties, surprises, and novelties. And in that gentle youth, student love is probably one of the beautiful, memorable colors with the freshness and enthusiasm of youth. But to love is easy, to nurture and live with it is not.

How do we know enough, act right, and behave well in love? How can love come and leave in peace, How love can support our souls? And how to love with the whole heart but still can avoid getting hurt? For these reasons, the Faculty of Education has organized an open space with a few minigames, situations, questions, and tips for them to easily exchange, find out, and directly voice their opinion about a very interesting topic but not easy to share for an issue: Is "drawing the right way" so that "deer" can rest assured "run".

The program had the presence of experts from Song Da Pharmaceutical - Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company, which solved some of the students' questions. In the open atmosphere, the hall gradually heated up with questions and sharing from students about questions about love and reproductive health, views of love-sex, etc. Questions anonymously or with an expert.

The opening of big problems in love such as "surviving a breakup", recognizing "true love", cohabiting, ... and providing knowledge about reproductive health such as contraception, prevention, and cure of gynecological diseases, etc. will help orient students to positive thoughts, make the right choices in love, and prepare well for future life.

The program took place in the excitement and open sharing of new students and together came the message: "love yourself" - constantly discovering and perfecting yourself to find the right "cloud" mine.