About Dong A University


Dong A University (UDA) is one of the largest private universities of higher education in the central part of Vietnam, with more than 9,000 students and the number is still growing considerably. 
As a young university, we are continually developing day by day. Currently, we have expanded our campuses in different regions of the country such as Hue, Gia Lai and Buon Me Thuot cities.
The expansion of our university enables us to build a stronger position in the higher education system in Vietnam, contributing to the development of society. We are honored to not only equip our students with expertise of knowledge but also provide them with windows of career opportunities for their professional growth. 

why UDA?

  • Quality of education
  • At Dong A University, we’re proud of the excellent quality of our teaching curriculum that gives students a wider understanding of the world beyond their degree. With various internship programs and strong connections with both domestic and international enterprises, you can come up with new ideas, equip essential skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen career.

    • Developing high-skilled labor resources
    • Professional office information skills
    • Having a good proficiency at least 1 additional language
    • Being a professional in work and possessing strong management skills
    • Having long-term research and study capabilities
    • Working ethics and community responsibility
    • Cultural comprehension
    • Be able to work effectively in the enterprise/industry/community

    Specific outcomes and goals

    • Complete training criteria at each level in compliance with MOET regulations
    • Complete physical training and national defense education.
    • Have an appropriate level of office informatics.
    • Demonstrate good proficiency in English (TOEIC: 450 for undergraduate,350 for college students)
    • Complete soft-skills and professional training
    • Applying scientific research into specific products.
    • Acquire skills in executive management

University Structure