Vision & Mission


Mission - Vision - Core Values

The mission of Dong A University(UDA) is to provide students with knowledge, and professional skills enhancement to build roads to success and contribute to the development of the society.



Everyone of us has a dream to become a scientist, a writer or a teacher since we were kids and want to make our dreams come true. We named that process as "building roads to success".

It has three basic factors including professional, management and leadership skills. In other word, it is the self-portrait which is formed since the day we realize the difference between dawn and dusk and shape our personality, through the learning processes and experience gaining.

The mission of Dong A university is “to provide students with knowledge for personal growth and professional skill enhancement to build roads to success and contribute to the development of the society

The same portraitures are rare from the old days because of too much knowledge, skill and above all the skills are art, literature still need experience. Therefore, which ones we need to focus or whose we want to become is very important for setting up the road map of learning, working, adding, accumulating and exploring every day for a qualified, effective managerial and successful employment.

The successful road is not only very flexible, smart but also steady like a stream of water as all rivers flow into the sea. It can wind across rocks; give a pleasant bath for active people, wide opening for competent improving, professional development, managerial skill and leadership practicing so that it helps you clarify the difference between you and the rest of the world.


Increasing size of training by focusing on regular students and develop graduate students as well as high quality training programs.

Concentrating resources to improve academic quality of DONG A University in order to become a prestigious, practical educational institute and affirming its strengths in some areas of training, education in associate with the innovation of university administration. Asymptote-based college of advanced university management and thorough application of IT in management and teaching.


DONG A University is striving to be an international standard and prestigious university in providing training for professionals and executives with many R&D programs and technology transfer to contribute to the development the nation and area.


Learning is a process to improve knowledge and skills intentionally, to transform potential skills into higher ones, to apply and contribute to society... It is also a process of creating passion for anybody who spend a significant time, energy and intelligent for the job with the passion created.

Student is enthusiastic about learning, criticizing and contributing to the society; Teacher works hard to extract the most quintessential things from their achievements in practical and applied researching and give them to the student; Staff member tries for a dedicated and creative job...

Everybody has their own passion. They all absolutely will have better products and even more successes to become leader in their field of passion and their department will become the leader in the organization.

Let's trust and give a chance to encourage them for increasing more energy, building stronger passion to become the winner with all difficulties left behind to become the leader.


Our social foundation bases on honesty and fairness. Learning without honesty is not actual learning, it’s just about dealing with and doing research without honesty is lying. Work without honesty is to betray the organization. Teacher without fairness is unethical. Honesty and fairness are always the most important values for a sustainable life.


The best student in math or English language or providing many solutions to solve problems or proactively contribute to class, even researcher has many projects applying in real life... is the famous student or the leader of the class.

At every class, teacher always try to motivate their student for excited and productive discussion. Teacher has some research papers of providing solutions in teaching, learning and life ... is the leader of faculty. All teachers use English and encourage students to speak English to explore new, undiscovered things. Every teachers doing research with specific products to support students to become leader at every faculty.

There is no any happiness in comparison with teacher’s satisfaction when receiving student’s admiration from their bright eyes for great lessons and constructive comments for a burning faith and energy of the teacher-the leader in the front.

Managerial staff member tries for a dedicated and creative job with great improvements for better products and works or professional qualified officer... are the leaders.

All of them, learner, teachers and staff member will become leaders if they always think and find out creative solutions for each lesson or work in order to win their heart. Moreover, when they think and do things that nobody has done, like refreshing in the old or restarting, discovering and making changes for the new values to organization, society. They are the leaders.

The silent happiness will rise rapidly and the glory of work will come when we commit to be the leader.


Differences and diversity about creative thinking, intelligence should be promoted, motivated and respected. Natural differences in skin color and language are indispensable and be respected in life and integrated environment. The positive difference serves the life and enhances life’s quality are very precious. These should be respected and preserved in our society. Let’s encourage and respect new ideas, initiative and creativity in work and study, useful differences and diversity in our life.


Serving the country is responsible of everybody and a result of education investment. When they’re responsible, everything becomes meaningful, people has more value and matureness. Any difference is also useful excluding the difference in irresponsibility is most unfortunate. Therefore, responsibility must necessarily be cared and cultivated.