About Dong A University


Dong A University established in Danang city, Vietnam is a private and multidisciplinary educational institution. Based at 33, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Danang city, with 18.600 square meter in area, the campus possesses a gorgeous landscape and a wide range of modern facilities with 10 floors with 140 functional departments, in which there are 10 Information Technology Laboratories, 15 Foreign Language Laboratories, 24 Professional Skills Laboratories, Electronic Library, Student Hall, 7 large Lecture Halls. Dong A University is actively working to become a university according to the international quality standards, gain prestige in training specialists and administration managers as well as obtain a number of researches and technology transfer in order to make a great contribution to both national and regional development.


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The founder

Dong A University was founded by Decision No. 644/QĐ- TTg on May 21st, 2009 of Vietnam’s Prime Minister.

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The university is located in Danang city where is the heart of traditional fondness for learning, creativity and resilience. The university’s founder named it as Dong A (meaning “East Asia”) with the ambition to make it a regional university and has been symbolized by the image of Sakura.

Coming from a poor mountainous village in Tam Ky district, or Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province today where she overcame all difficulties and challenges in her life and made a great effort in her education so that she eventually graduated from the University of Hue (or Hue University of Sciences today) with an excellent degree and had the privilege to be a lecturer at the university. She also got an excellent MA degree in the field of Educational Management and exceptionally promoted to Research student without taking any entrance examination.

Her gist is “study and work, work and study”; “to go is to reach, to work is to succeed” - Nguyen Thi Anh Dao - the founder owns the name of a flower, Sakura.

Throughout the history

The school was founded with the idea of contributing to the development of companies and provide her own business and industry community with skilled employees. It was established on January 28th, 2002 with the name, Private Professional High School Of Industrial Arts. The school’s motto at that time was “students’ success is teachers’ happiness, industry success is the school’s happiness”. Over time, the Board of Management made a decision to transfer the school’s activities into serving the public and helped it develop further so that it can operate in accordance with the founder’s expectations. Eventually, the school was enhanced and expanded in all aspects ranging from training programs and educational activities to school facilities under the name of Dong A University.

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Lịch sử phát triển
Lịch sử phát triển

At the present

For nearly three years since the establishment date of the university and for ten years since it was a trade school, the Board of Management has had a elaborate preparation for the growth of the university in the next hundred year.

Currently, the university has its own campus based in Danang at two locations - one at the city center is the largest and most beautiful in comparison with many other public universities; another one is in Hoa Hai, 5 kilometers from the city center to the south, with 135.000 square meter in area. In addition to that, the university has prepared for its development strategies in Quang Nam province with 91.600 square meter in area and in Dak Lak province with 100.000 square meter,... At the same time, the university is making a significant effort to enhance the quality of teaching staff and improve the school facilities in order to facilitate students in study. The attempt is to create an advanced educational environment for students and hope to bring them a successful career and a bright future as well.

In the future

The university would like to send a message to the generations of students that studying and working together to create happiness for yourselves and wellbeing for the society is the greatest and the truest happiness that can be left for the next generation.

The future Dong A University will belong with many generations of students, teachers and the entire community, especially with the offsprings whose parents joined hands to build and develop the university throughout its history. The founder will be the past and the eminent generation will inherit and do their best to develop the university.

Regardless of difficulties and obstacles ahead, we certainly believe that Dong A University will find its way to success and happiness after some time.

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The symbol of Dong A University – Sakura

Sakura is among the most favourite flowers in East Asia which almost everyone admires, the colour of the flowers symbolizes the beauty challenging artists to desire and search for the creativity. Sakura stimulates happiness for achievements, share sadness for grieves as well as cultivate belief and love in people’s hearts.

The symbol of Dong A University is Sakura. Five petals of the flower are compared to the hand of Mother and the heart of Teacher who devote their love and effort to build dreams, bring hope and take responsibility for their children and students.

The five petals convey the message that a present day Vietnamese student is the citizen of five continents. Where there exist Vietnamese, there appear their hearts yearning for integration and desiring to go beyond the horizon. The image of Sakura flowering is like welcoming zealous and talented students being in search of success.

Dong A family will be proud of their symbol which is Sakura with its perfect beauty and each member will actively study, teach, research and apply, unite and dedicate as well as cooperate and develop from time to time to reach the perfection. In spite of challenges, every member will make efforts to achieve their objectives by promoting their ability, appreciating common achievements, doing their utmost to discover the diversity of knowledge sources of humankind.

A number of awards have been established to honour distinguished individuals, in which Sakura award is one of the one valuable ones for pupils, sta contribution to the growth and well being of community. Besides, Sakura Talents Funding was established and developed by generations of Dong A students and staff as well as the whole community.

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Millions of people were born with their own dream of becoming a scientist, a writer or a teacher, etc. Everyone wants their dream to come true and the process to make a dream come true is called “ Build the road to success”.

The road to success comprises of a variety of fundamental factors ranging from professional knowledge and skills to management and leading skills. In other words, that is the portrait of each individual which has been formed and amassed throughout their process of studying and experiencing life on a daily basis.

Traditionally, the identical portraits are rare since each of them requires various categories of knowledge, skills and above all experience. Therefore, to build up a complete portrait is about orienting and selecting a certain field of study and more importantly an appropriate school to study, accumulate knowledge, obtain prowesses and experience life values in order to achieve success later on.

The road to success will always be welcoming and inviting for those who are persevere and willing to develop their talents as well as to learn professional knowledge and management skills, thereby making a difference for themselves in comparison with the world.