UDA is proud to be one of the leading units in applying science and technology and investment facilities for students to create the best study environment. UDA is considered as the best university for facilities among non-public universities.

Dong A University

Address: 33 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh- Hai Chau Ward- Danang City

UDA offers a variety of facilities: outdoor library (Reading Culture Park), self-study area for students, Trạng Nguyên garden, Book and Coffee area, football field

There are another new and modern areas such as open space for learning with logic and scientific arrangements of more self-study areas, weekly knowledge-exchange halls, and academic clubs to maximize the creative of students.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao, Chairman of the Board said: "This new facility is a useful tool for teaching and learning and students are the core value therefore our priorities are the quality and efficiency in education. We focus on every details, from design, architecture, and construction to installation of equipments and landscapes to provide a modern and high standard environment followed many universities in the world to inspires and stimulates the creativity in teaching and learning.

  • 20 classrooms and 15 lecture halls: All the classrooms and halls are equipped with projectors to support the studying. Modern camera systems are used to facilitates the interaction in classroom and increase the quality the teaching and learning processes. It is clearly that UDA is one of few universities that have high investment in teaching facilities to provide the best learning environment for students and get closer to higher education in the world.
  • E-library: Our library system includes documents, books, and reference textbooks up to 17,584 books to support the study and research for students. In addition, through online search on the electronic library students can easily access to a lot of valuable books. Reading rooms are also available for students, especially in the preparation time for exams to help them achieve high results and be more confident in future.
  • 35 laboratories:
    • Electrical & Construction Practice Rooms: Updated and specialized equipments to give opportunities for students to access and practice according to the requirements from enterprises.
    • IT practice room: A modern IT infrastructure of more than 500 computers, specialized labs, and IT research centers which is a clear advantage for UDA students to stimulate the creative in thinking and learning as well as doing research to meet the needs of enterprise and society.
    • Laboratories of physical chemistry and nursing.
    • Tourism and Office Practice room.
  • 12 Language laboratories: LAB is the best option for training and improving English for students to give them the best preparation in the internal integration.
  • 01 hall of 220 seats for seminars, conferences, cultural activities, and special talks, ...

IT Lab

Electrical engineering Lab

Nursing Lab

Tourism Lab

Training room at Minh Anh Food Co., Ltd. (149 Do Thuc Tinh- Danang).

Including: 4 laboratories

Construction practice

Gia Lai unit: Iakring – Pleiku – Gia Lai

Including: 26 classrooms, 6 lecture halls, 1 big hall of 200 seats and 1 laboratory.

DakLak unit: Tan An – Buon Me Thuot - DakLak

Including: 26 classrooms, 7 lecture halls, 1 big hall of 200 seats and 1 laboratory.

UDA is the leading in effective application of IT in education. Online learning activities on the website elearning.donga.edu.vn is a modern learning program to help students to learn and exchange knowledge with teachers and friends anytime and anywhere.

Throughout 15 years of development and prestige building, UDA is trusted by more than 10,000 people in economic, technical and health care sectors to provide high qualified labor resources in Danang city and surrounding provinces in Central Vietnam and Central Highlands.