Dong A University Proudly Announces Certification of 85 Nursing Students in CPR Training Program in Collaboration with Kangwon National University,...

85 nursing students from Dong A University completed the Initial Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training program on December 27. This represents the third phase of the collaborative training initiative between Dong A University and the Kangwon National University of South Korea.


The culminating session of the program took place on the afternoon of December 27 at Dong A University, where 85 students from the third cohort were officially awarded their CPR certificates.

Three outstanding students from the course were recognized: Dinh Chau Giang, Nguyen Thi Huong Phan, and Truong Thi Kim Loan.

During the program, Professor Cho Byung Jun expressed gratitude to the university for providing continuous support for the implementation of this project. He expressed expectations for further expansion of content alongside the CPR training.

Having been dedicated to the project from its early days, Professor Cho Byung Jun personally taught various course sessions to the students and consistently aspired to establish an effective first-aid training system in Vietnam.

During the closing ceremony, Dong A University's Board of Directors also conferred the title of Senior Advisor and Guest Lecturer to Professor Cho Byung Jun. In this role, the professor will support Dong A University in curriculum development and foster connections with other partners in South Korea.


It is noteworthy that the training program, delivered by instructors and experts from Kangwon National University, comprised 45 sessions encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical sessions, conducted online since October, were followed by hands-on practice sessions at Dong A University's practical training room.

After being trained in essential first aid knowledge, students directly applied procedures on patient models in the university's practice room. These sessions equipped them with the skills needed to efficiently perform initial CPR in emergencies such as traffic accidents, strokes, electrical shocks, and home choking incidents, thereby increasing the chances of brain recovery and survival for victims.

The projects within the collaborative program between Dong A University and Kangwon National University are expected to continue providing the best conditions for students to enhance their nursing knowledge in a dynamic learning environment with international standards and under the guidance of a diverse team of foreign lecturers.