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Department of Information Technology was developed from the former Faculty of Basic Sciences, Dong A Vocational School, as one of the oldest departments of Dong A University.

Starting with a limited number of 4 lecturers, the Department of Information Technology currently has 16 lecturers and researchers, of whom two hold doctoral degrees, five have master degrees and seven are currently undergoing to complete their master programs.

Accommodated by the University, the Department has dedicated facilities for teaching and learning, including 5 state-of-the-art computer labs. Most of the Department’s alumni have stable jobs upon graduation. In addition to providing training of various professional fields in Information Technology in Associate Bachelor and Vocational Programs, the Department is responsible for providing skills in applied informatics for students coming from other departments or majors university-wide. Besides the major of Applied Informatics, the Department is making effort to develop additional majors such as software engineering, computer network, applied graphics and e-commerce to name a few.

Driven by its objective of training to meet the demands and needs of students and the market, the Department commits to providing students with appropriate support starting with their first day at the University to their graduation. The support is geared towards preparing students for employment after graduating from the university inasmuch as the students gain firm knowledge, skills and insights of their professions through a host of opportunities of practice, field trips, internships and early employment at companies on the basic of full time and part time. The Department has provided students with dynamic and evolving learning environment with student-centered approach.