→ [Why the major]

  • A necessary study for every future career: Whatever jobs you want to have in the future, a background in psychology can improve your employability. With our lecturers and experts - at the cutting edge in their areas, Psychology students can not only understand better about themselves and other people but also develop their analytical skills through the application of scientific methods through internships.
  • Hands-on experience through four internships: During the 4-year program, students have internships as a compulsory part of their study. The internships can take place at hospitals, Counselling centers or NGOs. Interestingly, in the last year, they can choose to work abroad for one year with the support of UDA and our overseas partners.
  • A wide range of job opportunities: Psychology has been in demand in Vietnam for the past few years. Therefore, students holding a Psychology degree at UDA can have a chance to get a job through our support center. In case they want to develop their expertise, students can decide to study further at one of our university partners worldwide.   

               → [Career Opportunities]

After graduation, Psychology students can either continue their education or find a job in the domain. Below is a list of job titles:

  • Psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Private practice
  • Cognitive psychologist
  • Administrative hospital psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Developmental psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Marketing psychologist

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