High-tech Agriculture

→ [Why the major]

  • Majoring in high-tech agriculture, students can not only be equipped with basic knowledge about technology application in agriculture such as crop science, veterinary medicine but also immersed themselves into a real experience with the application of biotechnology in agriculture, net house operation, smart irrigation and so on through internships.
  • Students have a great opportunity to go on field trips where they can visit farms, research centers and companies producing agricultural products. At the end of each module, students are tested not only through theoretical exams but also practice ones. In their 3rd or 4th academic year, students can have a chance to do their internship abroad to hone their skills as well as experience a multicultural working environment, which in turn, support their personal growth in the long run.  
  • At Dong A university, we are very proud to become one of the universities that can offer a wide range of internship/exchange programs across different countries all over the world. For many years, our students have gained valuable knowledge and experience after spending quality time aboard, making them more open-minded and proactive in life.

→ [Career Opportunities]

After graduation, UDA student are able to pursue one of the following positions:

  • Agricultural technicians
  • Quality control specialists
  • Agriculture communicators
  • Crop consultants
  • Farm managers
  • Researchers
  • Research assistants
  • Industrial production managers
  • Lecturers at colleges/universities

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