Business Administration (MBA) - Benedictine University (USA)

I.  Program

1.  Advantages of the MBA – Benedictine University

The training objective isto build a high quality MBA program that equips students with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for students being able to do research and solve business problems; managing and leading their enterprises to success in a dynamic and globalized business environment.Benedictine university not only educates students in-depth knowledge to become business leaders but also help them become socially responsible citizens. More than 8000 alumni have advanced in their careers and have improved leadership in hundreds of local and international companies in business and healthcare; and they have now been able to take care of their life by applying what they have learned from the business training programs of the University.

This course offers a highly hands-on approach by which learners are often given case studies to solve real-world situations. Learners who have working experience will catch up quickly with these situations and help the class to go on schedule.

2.  Training duration

The program duration ranges from 18-24 months, which shall be scheduled evening classes on weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).

3.  The program outline

Adopted by the Benedictine Program with 16 subjects having 64 credits in total.

Course Code Course Name Credits
  Foundation Courses 24
MBA 520 Leadership and Ethics 4
MBA 530 Organizational Behavior 4
MBA 500 Financial Accounting 4
MBA 541 Business Statistics 4
MBA 510 Economics 4
MBA 539 International Business 4
  The Managerial Process 28
MBA 611 Managerial Economics 4
MBA 630 Operations Management 4
MBA 601 Managerial Accounting 4
MBA 651 Financial Management  4
MBA 661 Marketing Management 4
MBA 683 Project Management  4
MBA 671 Strategic Management 4
  Plus 12 additional  credits 12
MBA 635 Advanced Operations Management and Logistics 4
MBA 634 Strategy, Structure and Decision Making  4
MBA 559 Entrepreneurship 4

4.  Lecturers

  • Lecturers teaching courses of the program are 50% of Benedictine University and another 50% from Vietnamese universities.
  • All lecturers are qualified as Ph.D., Associate Professor, Prof. having time-honored teaching and working experiences. The list of lecturers is expected to be announced well in advance with the program's scheduled timetable of each course.

Note: highlighted courseson the aforementioned table shall be taught by Vietnamese lecturers, the remaining 8 subjects shall be taught by the Benedictine University lecturers.

5.  Teaching and learning languages

The program is developed and designed based on the original one being taught at Benedictine University in the U.S.A therefore all courses shall be delivered in English, which also comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training in Viet Nam for alike international collaborative MBA programs.

II.  Tuition fees

1.  Tuition fees

  • The tuition fee for the entire program is $ 8,800
  • The fees include syllabus, teaching slides, assignments, handouts at the instructors’ request and do not include textbooks and reference books/ materials.

2.  Payments

  • In a lump sum/ in full: Students may pay 100% of the tuition fee for the entire program at the time of enrollment.
  • Paying in instalments: Students can pay tuition in 4 instalments.
    • 1st Instalment: $ 2,200 is paid at the time of enrollment.
    • From 2nd to 4th: $2,200 USD / time, to be paid at the beginning of term 2, 3, 4
    • Students will not be graded and considered passing the exam if they have overdue tuition fees.

3.  Other fees

Students will pay the following fees for another services of the University

  • The application fee (paid on submission): 40 USD
  • The graduation fee (compulsory for graduation): 100 USD

III.  Graduation and certificates

1.  Graduation requirements of the program

In order to earn an MBA from Benedictine University, students must fulfillall the following conditions:

  • Attending all courses,and being marked for courses having studied fully and completely that meet the program requirements;
  • It is a credit-based program and does not require a graduation thesis/ dissertation.

2.  Certificates and transcripts of the program

Graduates will receive certificates and transcripts from Benedictine university. All Benedictine students all over the world will receive the same certificates and transcripts. The Department of Educational Examination and Accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam recognizes this MBA program.

3. Time to receive all certified and verified documents from the program

As soon as the student has completed the program, a certificate of completion of the program shall be issued thenthe official certificate shall come after . Every year, the graduation ceremony will be held at Benedictine University in the United States in October 6th. Graduation in Vietnam will be held around October to December at East Asia University.

If students would like travel to the United States to attend the graduation ceremony and receive the certificate, then Benedictine University will provide invitation letters for visa application. Therehave usually been a few students from previous courses travelling to the United States in order to attend to the ceremony. Accordingly, students shall have to pay all expenses him/herself.