→ [Why the major]

  • Advanced training program: As people are more involved in a hectic lifestyle nowadays , keeping a balanced life and maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging sometimes. For that reason, the program in nutrition is vital for ones who want to understand how nutrients affect the human body and how we can use our scientific knowledge to reduce the risk of disease. At Dong A university, we provide our students with the latest curriculum, which allows them to understand how important nutrition is in our daily lives.
  • Practice and internship at the company: students majoring in Nutrition can have a chance to work three times at a company during their 4-year program. This can bring students a hands-on experience right before their graduation.
  • Windows of job opportunities: Collaborating with hundreds of companies, Dong A are glad to help many students to get a job after they graduate. Some of them with high flying colors are invited to become the lecturer in Nutrition after they finish their study.

→ [Career Opportunities]

After graduation, students in Nutrition are able to pursue one of the following positions:

  • Clinical Dietitian
  • Nutritionist
  • Food Industry Professor
  • Professional Chef
  • Food Writer
  • Public Health Worker
  • Nutrition Educator
  • Weight Management Specialist
  • Food Safety Supervisor
  • International Aid Worker
  • Dietary Manager

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