What to see from the trip of "The teacher who has made effort to find jobs for students"?

What to see from the trip of "The teacher who has made effort to find jobs for students"?

From the 5 th to the 17 th of April, the working schedule of Mr. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of Dong A University was full of meetings with Japanese partners. The only goal for this trip is to capturing more job opportunities for Dong A students.

Opening new horizon

During this journey, he had to travel regularly between Japanese cities in order to negotiating and signing agreement on internship and working programs for students.

This was the complete collaboration on Japan restaurant services with M&K group in Kanazawa, Japan. Since 2019, the group will employ 50 students studying Hotel - Restaurant Administration every year to join the paid internship and working program for the restaurant system of this Japanese group. Simultaneously, there are 100 scholarships (30 million VND/each) for language, soft skills and service training provided for students. The total value of scholarships for students of Hotel - Restaurant Administration is up to 3 million VND. This is the 21th Japanese group that has signed the agreement with UDA on internship and working programs.

That was the meeting with All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association about academic collaboration and human resource employment from UDA with the estimated number of up to 3000 students each year since 2021.

He also worked with Mayor Ota Maebashi to discuss the internship and working program for students studying Car Techniques, Nursing and Kindergarten Education, which is as same as the collaboration model that Dong A University has worked with Yokohama.

That was the meeting with Hotel Foundation and Tourism Department in Wakayama in which students of Hotel Administration Faculty are working and receiving positive feedbacks from hotel managers. 12 resort and tourism association leaders all hope to recruit UDA students to work in a long term. The agreement will be officially signed between two parties in June.

Complete connection

In this trip, our teacher also visited UDA’s partners in order to promote the deeper collaboration. That was the meeting with 7 - Eleven group to foster the establishment of the human resource center in Dong A University, which is aimed at preparing the human resource for the CVS management program acquired from 7 - Eleven to work for the group in Japan.

That was the meeting with JP Holdings group to send students of Nutrition Faculty to do internship and work for the system of 300 kindergartens located in Japan.

That was the meeting with Zensho group on Tourism human resource training based on the standards and program acquired from Zensho. For the first time, the group will recruit from 20 to 50 students and from 2021, the number of students recruited by the group will increase from 50 to 500 students per year.

That was the meeting with medical group Kameda to promote the collaboration on training and recruiting program as well as scholarships for at least 30 students of Nursing Faculty each year to work in the hospital system and nursing centers of the group.

“The success of students is the happiness of the teacher”

Although our teacher is so busy with his working schedule, he spent time visiting students of Tourism Faculty who are working for the Musashi hotel (Kyoto) and students of Nutrition Faculty who are working in Yokohama city.

Being told about the working and life experience in Japan happily as well as the gratitude towards UDA’s effort, our teacher forgot the tiredness during the trip and continued his meaningful journey for providing students of any major with various job opportunities.

In his previous trips, our teacher also paid a visit to students’ workplace: students of Administration Faculty who are working for 7 - Eleven Group (Tokyo), students of Nursing Faculty who are working for the Nanakamado Kousekai nursing institute (Hokkaido) and so on.