Dong A University announces enrollment plan 2020

Dong A University announces enrollment plan 2020

Dong A University (Da Nang city) has just announced the admission method and the combination of admission subjects for 25 formal undergraduate majors in 2020.

Accordingly, besides two methods of admission according to high school transcripts and according to the results of high school graduation exam 2020 are being selected by a large number of candidates, this year Dong A University also conducted direct admission under the Admissions Regulations of Ministry of Education and Training enters all university education majors.

At the same time, in order to reduce the pressure and anxiety of candidates before the 2020 high school graduation exam, in the method of admission according to the high school transcript, the school has 4 forms of admission including: reviewing academic results of 3 years (5 semesters - total GPA of grades 10, 11 and 1 semester 12), considering the results of 3 semesters (total average of Semester 1, 11, Semester 2, Grade 11 and Semester 1, Grade 12) ), review the grade 12 results of the year (average plus grade in grade 12) and review the results of the first semester 12 class (total average of the 1st semester of 12th grade in the combination of admission subjects).

Level of expected admission application: Total admission score ≥ 18.0 or grade point average of ≥ 12 grade. In particular, the Department of Pharmacy, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education is recruited by high school transcripts for candidates with grade 12 students who have excellent grades or average high school graduation score of 8.0 or higher. The Nursing and Nutrition Department enrolls in high school transcripts for candidates with grade 12 or above, or average high school graduation rating of 6.5 or higher.

Method of admission according to high school graduation exam results in the Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Nutrition programs for candidates who reach the input quality assurance threshold prescribed by the Ministry of Education and educate. Time to receive registration documents continuously admission before the first round of enrollment is expected: from 7-12 / 9; phase 2: from September 21-26 (details at

The university also plans to enroll and train four new fields of study from 2020 including: Japanese Language, Law, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Restaurant Management and Food Service. These are the disciplines that catch up with the trend of career development in the digital age, the need for learning and especially the diverse employment opportunities of students.

At the same time, DongA University also announced a scholarship of over 21 billion VND to encourage new students to enroll in 2020. In which, the school provides direct support up to 2 million VND per student to share the difficulties caused by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and support the initial enrollment costs of new students.

Besides, the school also connects Scholarship Fund and internship policy, working in Japan, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan for students of all disciplines with a total value of more than VND 94 billion besides scholarship fund. from the domestic companion enterprise and the Cherry Blossom Scholarship Fund of the school.

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