Attracting candidates by prestigious training

Attracting candidates by prestigious training

(GD&TĐ) - In the context of higher education institutions, fair competition in enrollment, constantly updating content, changing training methods and conducting new quality accreditation are the "key" to build long-term reputation. with learners and society.

Students of Dong A University practice at the Muashi Hotel (Japan). Photo: NTCC

Entrance valedictorian selected private university

With 26.2 points for 3 exam subjects, Nguyen Chau Phat applied to enroll in Information Technology (IT), Dong A University (Da Nang) and became the first entrance exam. Phat was honored to receive a scholarship worth 100% of the course fee. Nguyen Chau Quyen - twin brother of Nguyen Chau Phat also registered to enroll in the IT industry with a score of 23.1 and reached the top 48 students who received partial scholarships.

Few people know that, before the 2019 National High School Exam, Phat's family - The right to suffer the pain of losing loved ones when their father died of a traffic accident. The scholarships of the two brothers, so, in addition to spiritual encouragement, is also a meaningful financial support so that they can pursue their education with peace of mind.

Sharing about the reason for choosing a private school with a high tuition fee while the admission score was "open" to the public university, Phat said: "I like to study graphics intensively but I do not have the opportunity to practice. So I couldn't take the exam in drawing H and V. When I studied the curriculum of some public schools with IT majors, I chose Dong A University because the graphics took a lot of time".

Being aware of the difficult economic conditions of the family, Quyen and Phat determined that they would have to gain enough admissions marks to receive a full scholarship to help reduce the tuition burden. However, the terrible scholarship is not what the twins Phu Yen aims at, but rather is the opportunity to study and work in Japan when becoming an East Asian University student.

MSc. Luong Minh Sam - Vice Rector of Dong A University shared: "The aim of the school is to create an environment for students to integrate and work well in the international environment". 

With that strategy, Dong A University signed with dozens of partners to receive international students to exchange, exchange and participate in 1-year internship program and send Dong A University students to the country. in addition to exchanges and internships.

As of December 2019, 801 Dong A University students participated in international and internship student exchanges at foreign businesses. Particularly in Japan, students are entitled to an apprenticeship wage of 1,500USD / month and 2,200 - 2,500 USD / month for students who have graduated to work. International student exchange programs to explore different cultures, hone skills and foreign languages ​​to practice for 1 year at foreign enterprises are a good start for Dong A University students to work in Singapore, Japan, Germany, Taiwan ... under the cooperation of the school.

Source: GD&TĐ