UDA team emerge as victors of the Central Region round of the National Volleyball Tournament 2023

After winning against their opposition, our contestants bearing UDA’s logo have claimed the regional cup and will then advance into the National Volleyball Tournament finals.

Taking place on the 24th of October at the Hue University stadium, three teams from UDA, Hue University and University of Law  gathered for a grand showdown. The winner would claim the title of regional champions and move forward into the next round aspiring for the national prize and recognition. 

It was a tournament to behold, with all competing teams vying for every edge they could find over their opponents, the match could go either way and the victor would be decided by a hair’s breadth. As the dust settled under the deafening cheers of the crowd and bright stadium lights, our UDA team had secured a decisive victory against their adversaries. Winning by ever narrower margins, our UDA team scored 25-19 and 28-26 against the University of Law and Hue University, taking home the grand prize with a 2-0 win/loss ratio.

The celebratory mood still has not ceased even after the team returns to UDA, “We had not been as prepared as we could be as some of our members are new recruits and thus faced obstacles in training for this tournament. Despite this, our team performed admirably, our victory today is thanks to our determination and perseverance as well as the bonds we share and the trust we place in each other. Tomorrow, we will throw ourselves back to training to prepare for the final round and push ourselves to be the best we can be for the final stretch of the tournament in Hanoi.” said Pham Ngoc Phuc who entered UDA in 2021 and is now a member of the UDA Volleyball team. 

President Luong Minh Sam and Principal Nguyen Thi Anh Dao welcoming our champions home. 

This victory did not just inspire those who participated but also spread to the student body of UDA. Instilling in each person not just the thrill of sports competition but also the drive to dedicate themselves and prove their mettle in competitions and tournaments. With each achievement and prize a testament to how far they have come and a reminder that there is still much left to tread.

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