UDA Students continue to shine at the National Chinese Speaking Contest

After a rigorous screening process of over 300 competitors coming from more than 40 Universities, Institutions, and Centers from across the country, Tran Thi Tinh - a UDA senior secured her spot among the 35 candidates entering the finals at the National Chinese Speaking Contest held in Da Nang 2023.

On the 11th of November, the showdown between the 35 finalists took place. The cream of the crop out of over 300 talented competitors from Universities, Institutions, and Centers spread across 17 cities and prefectures in the country. The best of the best were sifted through 2 rounds of rigorous testing and the concentrated talent at the final round would be awe-inspiring. 

The 35 contestants will each prepare their speech on the topic of “The role and responsibilities of Vietnamese youth in the globalization of Vietnam” and must answer 1 question from the panel of judges. Of the 35 contestants, 10 will be chosen to continue facing more questions from the judges. One will emerge as the final victor of the competition.

Tran Thi Tinh delivered his speech on the topic, confidently expressing his views on the role of Vietnamese youth in the globalization age. Drawing from his previous experiences, our UDA contestant advised other aspiring youths and spurred them onward to achieve them. Even though she did not receive the laurels of victory, Tinh has undoubtedly proven her capabilities and fluency in Chinese.

“Even though I did not win the competition, I have gained so much more invaluable experience.  I have learned much from this opportunity and got to rub shoulders with the best my generation has to offer. Through this experience I know how far I have gone and see how much I still have to go.” said Tinh in her address to UDA teachers, thanking them for their support and teaching, without which she could not have gotten this far in this competition. 

Tran Thi Tinh is in her fourth year of study at UDA majoring in Chinese Language and Culture and always wants to seize the chance to hone her skills through more competitions. Recently in October, she also participated in the first-ever Chinese singing contest of Central Regions of Vietnam held by the Hue Center of Culture and Arts.