The attractiveness of Japanese labor market

Japanese labor market is now attracting a lot of young people, including students in Danang.

Le Thi Ly Na (a freshman of Business Administration Faculty - Dong A University) let us know that she is attending the Japanese class to make a good preparation for her career in Japan in the upcoming future.

“I love Japan, Japanese culture through the comic books I read when I was a child. I am really eager to experiencing that unique culture. When I mature and start to search for information, Japan is still attractive to me, especially their professional working attitude. Thus, I really want to leave for Japan to learn more.” Ly Na shared.

Student of Business Administration Faculty - DongA University is working at 7-Eleven Group, Japan

From society demand, Dong A University has always focused on collaboration program to seek more job opportunities for students in both domestic and international market, especially such potential markets as Japan.

Mr. Luong Minh Sam - the Vice Rector of Dong A University said that finding job opportunities for students had always been the mostly focused mission of Dong A University. Apart from domestic companies, UDA also collaborated with a lot of international partners from Japan, Singapore, Germany and Taiwan. Among those, Japanese companies register the highest number.

Student of Tourism Faculty - DongA University is working at Musashi Hotel (Kyoto, Japan)

From one UDA’s survey, each year, around 3000 to 4000 students expect to work in Japan. In this year particularly, UDA successfully supported about 400 students to complete the procedure. In the next school year, it is expected that UDA will send from 600 to 700 students to Japan for doing the internship and working. Since 2021, UDA sets the goal to send at least 1000 students to Japan each year. According to Mr. Luong Minh Sam, job opportunities in Japan have been widened to different majors such as nursing, hotel, restaurant, electronics, IT, car techniques and so on.

Mr. Matsumoto Hitoshi - Director of the Yokohama Department of Welfare Department, Executive Director of the Department of Health and Welfare of the elderly, representatives of Yokohama city government delegation on new policies

He also claimed that the Japanese labor market is attracting a lot of students due to the high salary. More precisely, in the first year of working, students will receive the salary of around 1500 USD each month. Moreover, Japanese entrepreneurs also have many policies to assist in professional training, travelling and living expenses. Last but not least, students have realized that the Japanese labor market is no longer challenging and adventurous as they can see the real experience from those who are working in Japan.

UDA students first left for Japan in 2017. Before they left, both teachers and students had tried to prepare a lot of things from knowledge to soft skills.

Signing a cooperation on Japanese standard training and recruiting students from Dong A University for professional internships and working in Japan

In Mr. Luong Minh Sam’s opinion, the most important barrier that students must overcome before going to Japan is language. It is difficult to learn Japanese. Another challenge is culture and lifestyle, which many students couldn’t adapt and had to come back. Therefore, orienting and determining are vital for students who expect to work in Japan in particular, in other countries in general.

Thanh Tan

(See the original article in the Đà Nẵng newspaper: Sức hút thị trường lao động Nhật Bản)