Osaka Parliamentarians are thrilled by the dynamism of Dong A University students.

During the meeting with students from Dong A University, members of the Japan-Vietnam Amity Parliamentary Alliance from Osaka showed great interest in the art performances and received signature Vietnamese gifts from the students.

On November 7, the Japan-Vietnam Amity Parliamentary Alliance from Osaka visited Dong A University for discussions and interactions with the university community. The event had over 150 students from the Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture in attendance.
Throughout the event, the students of Dong A University displayed hospitality and eagerness to integrate, showcasing their understanding and interest in the Japanese Language and Culture through various engaging activities. 
Upon their arrival, the distinguished delegation was warmly welcomed by the friendly and hospitable attitude of the students at Dong A University. Many freshmen confidently initiated conversations and discussions with the Parliamentarians. It is noteworthy that cultural and international exchange activities, regularly organized by Dong A University, have provided a learning environment fostering integration, and helping students enhance their communication skills.
Beyond language, Dong A University students prepared and presented cultural exchange performances between Vietnam and Japan at the event. Performances such as a Japanese Kimono fashion show, a Vietnamese traditional Ao Ba Ba show, or duets in Japanese further impressed the Parliamentarians and garnered compliments.
On this occasion, Dong A University students also presented 11 special gifts, traditional conical hats of Vietnam, to the delegation. The first-time visitors to Dong A University expressed delight in wearing these conical hats, blending in with the lively atmosphere created by the students.

Exciting Summer Vacation with Memorable International Exchange Program
The student exchange program between KoreaTech University and Dong A University concluded on August 11. The three-week-long academic, cultural, and sports exchange activities left Vietnamese and Korean students with a myriad of emotions.
The program's closing ceremony between Dong A University and KoreaTech University took place on the morning of August 11. 
Commencing the event, Professor Luong Minh Sam, Chairman of the Council of Dong A University, delivered a concluding speech, commending the students' spirit: "We warmly welcome the students who arranged their summer break and enthusiastically registered for the program. Through this exchange activity, the students will contribute to establishing a beautiful relationship between the two universities and between Vietnam and Korea. We expect this program to continue in the future."
Expressing joy over the program's success, Professor Sed Soon UK, Director of the Social Volunteer Center at KoreaTech University, shared, "Observing the classes and participating in the final project evaluation, we saw that students were very proactive and excelled in their coursework. Korean students also prepared technical content a month prior to share the most useful and relatable information with Dong A University students. We appreciate the thorough preparation and enthusiastic support of the university during our voluntary summer program in Da Nang this time. We look forward to the next meeting and exchange with Dong A University."
During the program, KoreaTech University presented some robot models to the Information Technology and Electrical-Automation faculties at Dong A University to aid in teaching. Earlier, Dong A University students were guided in using and directly practicing on these models in academic exchange sessions.
After the program, Dong A University students were also awarded certificates of outstanding completion from KoreaTech University.
With three weeks of studying together, students from KoreaTech University and Dong A University have created many beautiful memories. The students couldn't help but feel emotional and nostalgic as this journey came to an end. On the farewell day, they also exchanged gifts and good wishes, hoping that students from both universities would stay in touch to continue exchanging knowledge about studies, culture, countries, people, cuisine, and language.
The student exchange program was organized by Dong A University in collaboration with KoreaTech University through a series of academic, cultural, and sports activities from July 24 to August 10 at Dong A University.
The program received the participation of nearly 60 Dong A University students with a spirit of learning and development. In the coming time, Dong A University students will have more opportunities to participate in such beneficial international exchange sessions to continue learning, enriching their knowledge, and enhancing life and study skills in an internationally integrated environment.