Ms. OnThi Phuong Linh - Student of Dong A University: I want to tell you the story of my country in your language!

In the final round of the competition Shining your Dream organized by the Dell, Intel and Microsoft (took place at QK7 Stadium, Ho Chi Minh city), a small girl named On Thi Phuong Linh from Dong A University excellently got the ‘Style with Dell’ prize

Phuong Linh got the prize ‘Style with Dell’

Ambition and talent development

Interesting news is that Phuong Linh was the youngest candidate among 35 competitors in the final round. She made a big effort to pass all four parts of the round: The Face, Group Activities and Connection, Social activities with Dell (take care and send gifts to the elderly at the elderly home ThiNghe) and Shining. Before that, Phuong Linh successfully passed the talent round, soft skills and accompanied the Organization Board in environment protection campaign in the semi - final round.

It is also known that the final round comes with many more challenges, requiring candidates to be skillful at knowledge, talent, group spirit and more importantly, it is the love sharing. In this round, candidates had a chance to take photos, talk and share with others, join social activities and perform publicly to complete the last steps of shining journey. “This was a really valuable experience to me, which has motivated me to try more in both studying and life. I would like to say thanks to my university teachers for having introduced me to take part in the contest and giving me a chance to learn from other candidates in the competition as well as understand more about others’ difficulties in life.” Phuong Linh was moved to share how she felt after the competition.

Just being a freshman of Tourism Faculty of Dong A University, she is very dynamic and willing to join all activities held by UDA from K18 students welcoming gala to Vietnamese Teachers’ Day programs. She was also an MC in the semi-final round of Miss Vietnamese Student 2018 held by UDA and got a lot of sport prizes and joined numerous activities of universities. Her hobbies are to sing, dance, explore new things and especially to present as an MC. The first success of this cute girl is to get the First Prize in the presentation competition in the opening ceremony when she had just been an official student of UDA.

Phuong Linh (the girl to the right side) got the First Prize in the presentation competition at Freshman Welcoming Gala 

Developing the passion to experience practically what she learned

Talking with Phuong Linh, you will be really surprised at what she shares. With the GPA 8.8 in grade 12, the student with the talent in presenting ignored the chance to attend a public university with a high school fee and chose to widen her future in UDA. According to her, in addition to the reasonable school fee, the reason why she opted for UDA is opportunities to practice and gain experience.

Phuong Linh and other 19 students reached a high score in the entrance exam and got a scholarship of 50% of school fee for the whole course

Being among the top students reaching a high score in the university entrance exam 2018 of Dong A University with 9.6 in English, it is not difficult to know the reason why Phuong Linh hopes to be a professional tour guide. However, the language she chose to complete the language curriculum at UDA is Chinese. Being asked about this, Phuong Linh said: “Currently, I am studying Chinese at university and learning English at an English center. I want to know more languages to easily connect with the young regardless of where they are. I really expect to tell international friends the story of my country in their own language, about the kind and hospitable Vietnamese.

An active image of Phuong Linh at the sports court of UDA

Currently, Phuong Linh as well as other students is enjoying a happy environment to study, different ‘channels’ to train integration skills and international exchange, curriculum designed by basing on ‘orders’ from businesses. Last but not least, students will have a chance to do their internship and work in ASEAN countries, Japan beside a reasonable school fee and valuable scholarships that can only be found at UDA.

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