Job consultancy kiosk 2019 of Dong A University attracted a lot of candidates

Job consultancy kiosk 2019 of Dong A University attracted a lot of candidates

There is a wide variety of attractive activities for students at job consultancy kiosks 2019 of Dong A University which attract the attention of a lot of high - school students to come and experience

The Job Consultancy 2019 Day organized by Tuoi Tre newspaper took place at Phan Chau Trinh high school (Danang) and the kiosk of Dong A University was so prominent with peach blossoms and cultural exchange activities between students in Japanese traditional costume (kimono).


What’s more, Dong A University brought about more than 3000 internship and job positions annually for students, including such countries as Japan, Singapore and Germany and so on, apart from reasonable school fee and other valuable scholarships.

The Faculty of Medical with activities related to health and BMI check

The Faculty of Tourism with making 3D art for Jelly

The Faculty of Electricity and Car Technology students performed CNC sculpture on wood

Cpming back from the competition The Band season 2, Black Wolf Band attracted a lot of audiences to their performance

The Faculty of Food and Biology Technology students presented the products from their scientific research - startup project: Ganoderma Teabag, Turmeric Starch (oil is separated because the oil could be harmful to liver and oil separating helps reduce the curcumin absorption)

These interesting activities will keep on accompanying students in job consultancy - future orientation programs of Dong A University at Traditional Festivals held by high schools in the upcoming time.