Grateful words given by the very first successful students coming back from the cooperation between Dong A University (UDA) and partners from Japan

Being more mature than what they used to be when they were just students, 4 former students turned up surprisingly to give thankful words to UDA teachers, which was so moving.

It is not difficult to realize that they are the pioneers leaving for Japan to work as the official staff during one year for the system of 265 hotels subordinated to Route - Inn - one of 72 partners from Japan signing the agreement to help students of UDA join the job market and work in developed countries.

The four former students are giving a meaningful bunch of flowers to the Management Board of UDA

Ms. To Thi Huong – a former student of Tourism & Travel Administration Faculty of UDA expressed her happiness: “One year of working for the Grandvrio Villa located in Ishigakijama city, Okinawa, Japan – one of 265 hotels subordinated to Route – Inn group is the most valuable experience to me. I would like to say thanks to Dong A University, especially my teachers, for giving me a chance to work for Route – Inn group. Moreover, Dong A University has bridged the gap between Japan and UDA students so that we have received various opportunities to work internationally with well – paid salary.

Ms. Huong also told other students, especially those making effort to improve their Japanese skills and get a chance to do their internship in Japan: “The salary offered for jobs in Japan is very high, even more than three or four times compared to Vietnam. Getting that income means that you had better develop your working skills and of course, try to advance your Japanese as much as possible.​”

The students coming back with their pride and their appreciation for Teachers of UDA

Last but not least, thanks to her professional working manners and her expectation of coming back to her hometown, Ms. Huong  was assessed with really outstanding results and was accepted to work as the Receptionist at Grandvrio City Hotel in Danang, which is also subordinated to Route - Inn group. Her major responsibility is to welcome and deal with visitors from Japan. The three other students will also start to work there from the 22nd of February before returning to Japan and continue their second period of working at the group for 3 to  5 years.

Another student named Tang Thi Ninh has a different career path. She was originally a former student of English Department of Dong A University but decided to choose Japanese as her major language to develop her career. Since her childhood, she has been interested in Japanese comic books and the culture of this ‘Sunrise’ country. And her ambition with Japanese was again woken up due to the agreement signed by Dong A University and Route - Inn group, which opened the first Japanese class for UDA students under the direction of Ms. Yumi Masumoto - a professional from Route - Inn group coming to train and employ staff from Dong A University.

After one year of working in Japan, Ninh also hopes to come back Japan and work for the group in the next few years with the main aim of both improving her Japanese and widening her knowledge about this land.

An interesting Japanese class with Ms. Yumi Masumoto (Route – Inn Group)

Welcoming the first students working and returning from Japan, M.A Dang Thi Kim Thoa – The Vice Dean of Tourism Faculty of Dong A University gave very moving words to them : “You are truly the first ‘seeds’ planted from the international partnership between our university and reputable groups as well as companies. Obviously, Japanese is not an easy language to learn. In order to learn Japanese effectively and develop your own working skills like the Japanese, to be highly appreciated and offered hard job responsibilities such as working with Japanese visitors regularly, you have actually made a huge effort in improving yourselves. Of course, all of you are our pride and our motivation in the strategies of expanding our international job connections. Both of us and other students always appreciate if you are ready to share your life and work experience. We regard this as the first manual, especially for students who are going to join the internship program in Japan.

It is known that the cooperation agreement between Dong A University and Route - Inn group under the witness of the Leader of People’s Committee of Danang has brought about the commitment to employ 200 students graduated from various faculties such as Faculty ofElectricity - Electronics Techniques, Faculty of Construction Engineering, Faculty of Accounting, Faculty of Human Resources Management, Faculty of English and so on to work for hotels subordinated to the group in Japan and Vietnam annually. Since 2017, the agreement is valid until the year of 2025, which increases the number of UDA students employed by Route - Inn group to at least 2000 students.

M.A Nguyen Thi Anh Dao - Chairman of the Board of Dong A University and Mr. KatsutoshiNagayama - Chairman of the Board of Route - Inn group at the Cooperation Agreement Signing ceremony

Currently, other majors of UDA are also being developed under the similar orientation, which has supported students to get more chances to work internationally under the trend of global integration. Thanks to this orientation, students will have valuable opportunities to learn while working practically in international environment not only in Japan but also in Germany, Singapore and even Vietnam. It is such a good news that students who have worked in Japan will also be offered with jobs in foreign companies or domestic companies when they come back to Vietnam if they want.