Flash Band

Are you passionate in playing music instruments?

Do you want to express yourself with amazing performances and represent UDA in music competitions?

Join the band!

1. Rights

  • Participate in many activities inside and outside UDA
  • Express yourself and live with passion every day
  • Become an active student, say no to passive lifestyle!
  • Exchange and learn with seniors and popular bands in Da Nang city;
  • Gain many attractive benefits when you are a member.

2. Activities

  • Practice weekly
  • Participate in many music activities at UDA.
  • Develop yourself and join in many huge events.
  • Gain experience from many music contests.

3. Requirements

  • Can play any musical instrument (guitar, piano, organ, drum jazz, Cajon drum, traditional instruments, etc.).
  • Have passion and enthusiasm for long-term companionship with the band.
  • Be diligent and creative.

4. How can you register?

Please contact us via:

  • Facebook: Dang Hoang Nhu Phuong
  • Or Phone: 0776.131.563 (Phuong)

Registration deadline: before 15/11/2018​