Dong A Students excellently got the reward “Students with Scientific Research” 2018 held by VIFOTEC

Mr. Ho Nhat Nam - a student of Electricity and Electronics Technology Faculty of Dong A University honorably got the fourth prize of the competition “Students with Scientific Research” 2018 organized by VIFOTEC.

In 2018, Dong A University joined with two scientific research topics. Among those topics, the one named "Research and adjust the traffic light system distantly in rush hour in Danang" by Mr. Ho Nhat Nam under the direction of M.A Nguyen Le Hoang - in charge of the Faculty of Electricity - Electronics and Car Technology of Dong A University was honorably received the reward from VIFOTEC. 

It is known that both of research work were carried out carefully in terms of content and methods, especially their applications into community. 

Nhat Nam, his teacher and teammates at 2017 Honda Eco Mileage Challenge

Ho Nhat Nam is an active student who joined a lot of creation competitions in Vietnam. Nam always looks for new challenges and new approaches to science for applying into real life

This scientific research reward is a big motivation for UDA students to make effort to conduct scientific research, make use of knowledge to create valuable products which bring about benefits for community and society. That is also the goal of UDA: nurture personal growth and build the road to success in future career.

The reward “Students with Scientific Research” is the “enthusiasm” of Ministry of Education and Training as well as VIFOTEC due to its encouragement for students of universities and colleges. Thanks to this, students will have a chance and motivation to use their thinking abilities and to contribute their personal ideas about scientific issues. These issues are really familiar with curriculum and daily life so that applications of these products are the goals of organization board. The competition is a big – scale one with examiners that are scientific research experts and assess students’ work very strictly.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu