Book Review Contest 2018: A interesting “destination” for English Language students of Dong A University

Book Review Contest 2018: A interesting “destination” for English Language students of Dong A University

The team from class EL 17A4 has successfully won the first prize of The Book Review Contest 2018 after surpassing 4 other teams at the final round on the last December, 17th

Book Review Contest 2018 started from the elimination round on December, 7th with 9 teams competing to be the five best.

The final round was virtually an excicting competion of 5 teams. Each team with 2 to 5 members would take two parts of the contest: Review and Make presentations 100% in English. The topic for the Presentation part was “The young people today rarely read books. In your oppinion, what are the reasons? What are the solutions to enhance reading habits?".

5 books selected to introduce and review by English Language students at BRC 2018 were : The Call of the Wild, Harry Porter, Doraemmon Series, Beauty and the Beast, Good tounge can win the world.

As result, with the creative performance and convincing presentation, the team from class EL17A4 successfully won the first prize. The second prize belonged to the team EL16A1, third prize called the name of EL18A1A. EL16A2 and EL18A2B shared the encouragement prize.

Following up the contest, especially the growth and efforts of the teams participating in BRC2018, lecturer Trieu Hoang Duong share: “Participated teams this year have a good preparation of contents, information presented meets the requirements.Formally,besides using traditional powerpoint, the teams were creative with using the Talkshow model ( first prize team), 24h report ( third prize team)

At the topic presentations, judges were impressed with students’teamwork skills in 12-hour challenge to complete the contest. Especially first year students, despite new students, were actively participating with 2 teams and expressed confidence in making presentation in front of crowd”.