Believe in yourself to make your dreams come true

Believe in yourself to make your dreams come true

Learning to be optimistic in every situation and trying to overcome difficulties are lessons shared by Ms. KumiKaise from the Incorporated Educational Institution Yamamomo, Japan. She talked to UDA students at the talk show with the topic: “How to set goals and make dreams come true”, which took place on March 27.

In a happy environment, students from faculties of Tourism, Administration, Education and Law were taught the concept of Mentor. The word Mentor in Greek means the best buddy as well as a good leader. In Indian, mentor means the admiration. “Mentor is a friend that you can find when facing with difficulties, the one that you believe to share your stories and who can give you useful advices when you are confused. Three important aspects to become a mentor is being able to deal with any problems, having your own goals and having a belief that everything will be alright.” Ms. KumiKaise shared.

Ms. Kumi Kaise shared at Talkshow

Answering questions from Ms. KumiKaise about how to be a mentor, many students shared a lot about their own perspective. “A mentor is a reliable one with certain knowledge who knows how to keep the secret.” - Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, a student of Education Faculty shared. Moreover, Pham Ngoc Luan Ly - a student of Tourism Faculty said: Mentor is not only a reliable person but also a listener and a sympathetic person.

Agreeing with students, Ms. KumiKaise explained that to improve communication skills, listening and understanding are the very important factors to become a mentor. She also encouraged students to be more confident in communicating, especially those studying in Education faculty.

“For instance, when you are jealous with someone, you only realize their strength but not pay attention to your good points. This is simply due to the lack of self-confidence. Confidence will help you achieve more and work effectively in the future.” Ms. KumiKaise shared.

According to her, apart from confidence, a mentor should set their own goals. The key to be successful is making effort to pursue and achieve your goals. Taking smartphone and Doraemon series as examples, Ms. KumiKaise encouraged students to have their own goals to achieve in the future.

“For negative thoughts, you should not be so worried and try to think positively as much as possible. Life is not always as you want it to be; therefore, when you face with difficulties, you should look forward the future with optimism. Difficulties are opportunities to improve yourself so you must never give up.” Ms. KumiKaise shared.

In addition, to achieve the goals, students should set their purposes clearly and challenge themselves with problems that seem to be impossible instead of what you are able to do. In addition, each student now had better try to make their dreams come true and believe that their dreams can make both themselves and others happier.

“Lasting within a short time, the talk show actually gave me and my friends more knowledge and interesting experiences. I have learnt that as soon as I map my own future path, I should follow it on no account.” Pham Ngoc Luan Ly - a student from Tourism Faculty expressed.

Students ask questions to speakers

It is known that Ms. KumiKaise is the founder of Mentor Acquisition Program designed for teachers and parents since 2016. She joined to teach students in a lot of Japan universities such as Asahi JTB Culture School (Nagoya), Culture school of Kochi Newspaper (Kochi), Information Centre of Chugoku Newspaper (Hiroshima) and taught at many primary and secondary schools in Kochi, Japan about how to set goals and make dreams come true.

Ms. Kaise has founded the Mentor Acquisition Program for Japanese teachers and parents since 2016. It means that the program has been in action for over 13 years and is proved to be really effective when it comes to encouraging parents and teachers to have a more positive relationship with their children.

Apart from specialized talk shows, Dong A University organized a lot of collaboration programs for such majors as Education, Tourism, Administration and so on. In particular, the MOU for academic collaboration to offer job opportunities in Nursing, Business Administration and Tourismwas signed between Dong A University and Junsei Academic Institute (KIBI International University, Japan).

Junsei Academic Institute (subordinated to Kibi International University, Japan) has promoted the collaboration with Dong A University regarding to education students of Nursing, Business Administration, Nursery Education and Tourism for 2+2.5 and 2+3 programs since 2018. Students will take two years to learn Japanese (N3 level) and other subjects in Dong A University. From the year 3, they will leave for Japan to learn more specialized subjects, undertake the internship and improve Japanese for 2.5 years (Business Administration and Tourism) or 3 years (Nursing and Nursery Education) and finally get the bachelor degree certified by Kibi University.

Ms. Kumi Kaise and the students took souvenir photos

Especially, at the Japan - Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival and the Japanese Job Day 2019 taken place at Dong A University on March 21, Kibi International University directly interviewed and employed 12 students of UDA who will move to Japan and undertake the one – year internship.