7 students of Dong A University got the MOS Certificate

On March 24, at Dong A University, almost 100 students from high schools and universities in the Central took part in the Opening Ceremony and the first round of the competition Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship - Viettel 2019 (MOSWC - Viettel 2019) organized for the Central area

This is the competition held by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Education Foundation IIG Vietnam - the National Representative of Certiport (America).

The opening ceremony of MOSWC 2019 took place at Dong A University

The national elimination round was all organized in three areas: the North, the South and the Central on March 24 to help organization board choose the excellent candidates for the Final Round which will be held on July 4. After the national final round, three winners for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point will be the representatives for Vietnam to compete in the International Final round MOSWC 2019 in New York, America from July 29 to July 31. Especially, candidates with at least 700 scores will get the MOS certificate with unlimited validation, which is globally recognized and signed by the General Director of Microsoft. 

Ha Thi Thao - a student from Administration Faculty got the highest score in MOSWC 2019 with 944 scores for MS Word 2013

Being among the universities in a convenient geographical location with modern equipment, UDA has been chosen to host the national elimination round in the Central area for the fourth time. After seven years of participation, UDA’s students have been familiar with the competition and achieved a high grade for every content. At the competition this year, there were 10 students joining and seven of whom achieved from 756 to 944 scores. In other words, they got the Microsoft Office Specialist which is globally recognized. This has made a valuable contribution for their future career.

Dong A University team

The students receiving MOS certificate are from Office Administration Faculty, IT Faculty, Economic Law. To be more specific, there are four out of seven members from Administration Faculty, including: Ha Thi Thao (944 scores in MS Word 2013), Nguyen Thi Mai (888 scores in MS Word 2013), Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen (755 scores in MS Word 2013) and Nguyen Tran Dang Danh (756 scores in MS Excel 2013). There are two members from IT Faculty including Tran Thanh Nam (905 scores in MS  Excel 2013) and Nguyen Thanh Hau (869 scores is MS Word 2013).

MOSWC 2019 is an international competition for students at any age from 13 to 22 with a global scale with the main aim of finding and honoring excellent computing talents in terms of Microsoft Office skills. This is the tenth time the competition has been organized in Vietnam.