Workshop: Applying Blockchain to Supply Chain Management

Many aspects of blockchain application in the fields of start-up, business, marketing, media, teaching & training management, science & research, business practices and many more were enthusiastically and multidimensionally discussed at the “Application of blockchain in Supply Chain Management” workshop that took place on February 12, 2020 at Dong A University.

Based on the topic of blockchain - an emerging technology for storing and transmitting data by blocks that are interconnected and expanding over time, in addition to trends in applying its potentials in many fields such as banking & finance, retailing, goods transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc.; the workshop has attracted the attention and numerous professional discussions of experts and businesses specializing in the field of blockchain technology as well as many lecturers and students of Business Administration, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Tourism and Food Technology of Dong A University.

In particular, the topics "Blockchain Technology: Foundation and Operating Principles", "Application models of Blockchain Technology in Business Administration, specially in Supply Chain Management", especially the application of blockchain technology in the management of enrollment process, teaching & training and other activities in universities were thoroughly discussed with lots of applicable experiences.

This afternoon, the workshop will be continued under the direct instruction and advice of Mr. Do Van Long - CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Group, for 3 research projects conducted by lecturers and students of Business Administration, Dong A University on the basis of blockchain application in human cognition, modeling and related issues in each project.

Previously, Dong A University (Da Nang) and Japan Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) have successfully organized an international seminar on "Blockchain Technology and Applications". In particular, the seminar covers a notable topic that has gained significant attention. It is "The new proposal of a direct financial system based on blockchain - Blockchain: intangible technology is changing the world", presented by Professor Mitsuhiro Maeda - Japan Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology (AIIT).

Workshop information in the newspaper:

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