Cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer with the Department of Science and Technology of Dak Lak province

A cooperative document on collaboration in research and the transfer of research results for social and economic development, human resource training, and others in Dak Lak Province was signed by Dong A University with the Department of Science and Technology of Dak Lak on 3 August.

The co-operation aims to establish scientific research projects in Dak Lak province, research coordination and technology transfer on both sides, and scientific programmes. Technology studies, projects, significant local research themes. Especially in high-tech agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food technology, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and Blockchain applications.

Simultaneously, the Dak Lak Province Department of Science and Technology and Dong A University will also be coordinating scientific seminars and scientific workshops on issues such as socio-economic development, education, local training, collaboration with organisations, institutes, schools, companies involved in science and technology, researchers from Vietnam and other countries to implement them.