The opening event for Career Building Week 2024 at Dong A University took place on January 8th with a workshop titled "Sharing Entrepreneurial Experiences" by Dr. Cho Kee Heon from South Korea, designed for both lecturers and students.


This workshop is part of the ongoing collaboration between Dong A University and the Korea Valuation Association (KVA), which was initiated in October 2022. Established 20 years ago, KVA has actively organized various entrepreneurial training programs for students and startups.

Dr. Cho Hee Keon, the Executive Director of the Korea Valuation Association, led the workshop in two sessions, one for lecturers (Session 1) and another for students (Session 2).

This event marks the beginning of Career Development and Startup Week - Career Building Week 2024 at Dong A University.

The aim is to provide a foundation for student's career development and address societal needs. During the sessions with lecturers and students, Dr. Cho shared valuable insights into entrepreneurship, the influencing factors, and the startup process.

Dr. Cho Hee Keon is sharing his startup experience with lecturers at Dong A University


Students focus on listening to helpful information at the workshop "Sharing startup experiences.

Dr. Cho Kee Heon is known for his extensive experience fostering connections between Korean entities and Vietnamese universities. Having interacted with various successful startup models in educational institutions, Dr. Cho offered recommendations to Dong A University for developing innovative startup programs. These include establishing a startup ecosystem by nurturing experts in the field, setting up a comprehensive startup support system, and implementing entrepreneurship education programs for university students through initiatives like startup clubs and courses using entrepreneurship-related textbooks. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of organizing large-scale startup competitions within and outside the university.
During Session 2 of the workshop, Dong A University students actively engaged with Dr. Cho, discussing their ideas and plans while seeking guidance on challenges and difficulties. 
Dr. Cho took the time to answer questions and provide valuable advice, inspiring young individuals to be confident and pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.
On this occasion, Dong A University has appointed Dr. Cho Kee Heon as the Advisor to the Faculty of Korean Language & Culture.

Mr. Luong Minh Sam, the Chairman of the Dong A University Council, presented the decision to appoint Dr. Cho Kee Heon as the Advisor to the Faculty of Korean Language and Culture."