Dong A University encourages research and development efforts in science and technology

In recent years, Dong A University has also promoted research and application of science and technology in close compliance with the requirements for socio-economic development of communities across the area and increasing the quality of teaching Highlands Central.

The Science and Technology S&T activities become an internal force to support education and university quality. S&T is now becoming a solid partner. According to figures from the World Bank, Vietnam invested 0.53% of GDP on research and development activities in 2017. By 2018, S&T budget spending was around 1.35% of overall government budget spending, up from 1.52%. This demonstrates that S&T investment has steadily increased.

In recent years, the Dong A University has been boosting science and technology research and application, closely following the socio-economic development requirements of the communities in the region of Highlands Central-West. Dong A University of Danang has unique rules and regulations on the reward to promote and invest in students recognising the relevance of science and technology activity in developing and enhancing the university's prestige. S&T work for the university's academics and employees. The university invested VND 5 billion in the S&T budget in 2020, up by 25% compared to 2019. The university has also invested since 2015 in the creation of an Innovation and Science & Technology Fund.

Furthermore, the university also focuses on investment in research and experimenting with equipment, facilities and laboratories to help to teach staff. The school now has 45 workshops and plans to develop more enormous laboratories, such as Algae Technology Laboratory, Biomedical Engineering Laboratory etc. The university has invited socio-economic and engineering experts to join the training and share their experience in the search and publishing of papers in renowned journals and seek funding for scientific and technological projects, with its research staff, lecturers, and experts in the areas of technology.

Dong A University also focuses on the recruitment of academic and highly skilled human resources. In 2020, the university had around 90 per cent of its personnel and lecturers with a degree or higher, of which almost 30 percent of the total number of staff and lecturers is doctoral and faculty members. In addition to the S&T activities in the areas of social sciences and the humanities, the university has created many research groups to assist the execution of science and technology.... Specific successes have been made in the S&T operations of Dong A University.

In general, the university was responsible for delivering 02 provincial projects of science, with an average of more than 1 billion VND each in the provinces of Quang Nam and Dak Lak in 2019-2020. In order to match the trend, the university was able to propose and implement numerous international scientific research projects in connection with pioneering Industry 4.0 technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science... e.g. Artificial Intelligence application in healthcare and intelligent manufacturing.

At the request of scientific management agencies in the provinces and towns, several drafts, project outlines and S&T subjects were presented and registered. With around 50 subjects every year at a high level, the number of scientific research projects at the university level remained steady. Many research projects conducted by students with good outcomes have been nominated for Scientific Research Awards at city and ministry levels. Students at Dong A University were honoured in 2018 to have received a prestigious award organised by the Vietnam Technical Innovation Support Foundation (VIFOTEC) in Lap An — Lang Co for new methods and treatments of peraacetic acid (PAA) after Grape seaweed harvesting, following the student's scientific research project on "pilot research".

With about 100 papers in several domestic and international journals with citation indexes, the numbers of prominent international publications in the last 3 years of Dong A University have surpassed the targets established ISI/SCOPUS. In 2020 Dr. Nguyen Quoc Thong was featured in the top 19 writers, with scientific works published in leading journals, a Mechanical Learning, Data Science at Dong A university, and a City People's Committee Chairman certificate of merit. Da Nang City for people who have achieved excellent results in research and technology. More than 10 seminars a year are conducted at Dong A University in several national and international seminars. Typically, the International Scientific Conference on Education and Psychologies with the International Economic Research and Development Center (IEDRC) will be organised in 2020, the International Conference under the theme "Social Conference" will also be organised by collaboration with the university and research centres and institutes from abroad.

"To accomplish today's successes is the tireless work of collective personnel, indoctrinators and the management board with strategic directions to build the proper S&T activities." The "pilot" of the Dong A University ship, Rector Nguyen Thi Anh Dao said.

With a 2035 goal, Dong A University invests in scientific and technological development in the Central Highlands area and throughout the country to strengthen its position and grow globally. In order to become the top 50 higher-education institutions with the best worldwide publishing indices in Vietnam in 2025, and the top 20 in 2035, the university focuses on the investment and development of applied science and innovation mixed with.

In line with the research slogan of 2035, Dong A University has established to implement or develop 40 percent of S&T research products in various business fields in Vietnam. In the future, it will work closely with socio-economic development requirements.