Students of Food- bio technology faculty from Dong A University and the start-up projects from the lecture hall

Food projects to bring health to users such as turmeric starch, lentil tea, vegetarian dry beef from abalone mushroom, linh chi tea are currently hot products in Da Nang market and close neighboring provinces. Surprisingly, the above products are researched and produced by students of the Faculty of Food Technology - Biology of Dong A University.

The medicinal products are researched and brought to market by students of the Food and Biology Technology Department of Dong A University, which are very close to daily life.

From the termerics "rescued" in Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province, the group of students K16 and K17 of the Department of Food and Biological Technology began to study UDA turmeric products and was brought to the market.

Realizing the great medicinal potential and economic value of Polyscias fruticosa, two students Le Hong Van and Huynh Tan Thoan of TP15A1.1 class have made the brand of polyscias fruticosa tea through the project “ Research on the production of polyscias fruticosa tea by ultrasonic method combined with vacuum drying "with such uses as: increase brain circulation, reduce vestibular syndrome: headache, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, loss of balance...

Recognizing products from plant materials, vegetarian foods are increasingly used by many people, in which vegetarian beef products are sold a lot in the market, high prices and applicability of mushrooms abalone, two students of Food and Biological Technology Department Duong Thi Hong Nhung and Doan Van Hoi proposed the topic" Research on production of dried vermicelli from purple abalone mushroom".

Especially, the Department of Food and Biological Technology of Dong A University has also researched and implemented pilot production of Ganoderma lucidum Ganoderma lucidum on bagasse material in Da nang City. Linh chi mushroom products tested after the research has been sent to the Ministry of Health - Vietnam Institute of Medicinal Materials for analysis and terpenoid anti-cancer content completely like natural Ganoderma. Research results of the thesis have clearly identified the economic efficiency of the bagasse growing model - the model has made use of local waste sources to create quality and safe mushroom products  to serve the community. 

Students of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Dong A University has conducted a process of growing strictly controlled red reishi mushroom from processing raw materials to harvesting. Based on that production model, the Faculty has directed students to continue to study the production of Red Ganoderma tea bags to commercialize this scientific research product. From here, Red Lingzhi tea products with anti-cancer active ingredients are widely popular among consumers with simple usage and beautiful designs.

During the promotion of products with the support of Da Nang Youth Union at Helio Convention Center, the products of Dong A red reshi tea were more confident when standing next to other scientific research products from universities, College in Danang city. The Department of Food and Biological Technology has decided to register the production license for this product and transfer technology to Minh Anh Food Co., Ltd. to produce products on a large scale. Recently, Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade has also actively supported the school's products to be promoted at Vietnamese trade fairs.

The research of this Dong Abranded product by teachers and students of Food and Biology Technology Faculty Dong A University faces many difficulties and the initial success of medicinal food products will be an encouragement for teachers and students to continue to be engaged in the path of researching application products for the community. It is expected that the Food and Biotechnology Faculty of Dong A University will research and develop more new products, boosting market expansion to widely promote its research products, contributing to general science and technology development.