Provincial Project "Construction of the model of a short supply chain for Dak Lak Province's main agricultural goods"

On May 29, the steering committee of the Department of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) was on the occasion of Dong Lak Province participating in the Council's Direct Assignment for the theme: "Building a Short Supply Chain Model for Key Agricultural Products Dak Lak."

Dong A University is chairing the project and Prof. Dr. Hoa Huu Lan, Project Manager. The department's head, representatives of departments and units within the department of science and technology also comprise the members of the Board of Managers, the Advisory Council on S&T duties.

The conference took place in an intimate yet no less severe and scientific setting with ideas from Dak Lak Province's specialists in the economic and agricultural areas. In the fields of innovation, high practical application and enhanced efficiency for socio-economic development of the province, the Scientific Council highly commended it. The subject was accepted unanimously by the Council and agreed in 18 months for implementation.





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