International conference on “Blockchain Technology and Applications”

International conference on “Blockchain Technology and Applications”

11th October 2018, Dong A University and Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology – Japan co-organized an International conference on “Blockchain Technology and Applications”.

Regarding to the Blockchain technology - originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. Its applications spread over many various industries such as Finance, Banking, Retails, Logistics, Manufacturing, Telecom…

The conference has attracted the attention and ideas exchange from experts working on and researching Blockchain technology from Japan and within Vietnam. Especially, I.T enterprises, financial organizations, banks as well as lecturers and students of not only I.T Faculty, but also Finance and Banking Faculty have come and expressed their interests in discussion.

Scenic international conference on “Blockchain Technology and applications”.

Talking about Blockchain itself and cryptocurrencies, MFin. Duong Cong Danh – a lecturer from Finance& Banking Faculty understood that most non-I.T people unintentionally thought that Blockchain was Bitcoin. However, in essence, Blockchainshould be considered as a fundamental platform for the development and thrive of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies as this technology operates as a distributed ledger attached date and time; and most importantly the information cannot be interfered to modify and/ or changed.

Regarding to the presentation on “Blockchain: Opportunities & Challenges”, MFin. Cong Danh also stated that Blockchain, in general, shall make revolutionary changes in variety of industries such as Legal, Smart Assets Management, Clearing and Settlement of Financial Instruments, International Payments and Digital Identity. In order to thrive and become the mainstream applications in finance and banking, and internal auditing in Viet Nam, Blockchain technology has several inherent challenges that need to be fixed in terms of Network size, Costs, Human errors, Unavoidable Security flaws and I.T infrastructure, Human resource as well as Legal issues in Viet Nam,…

“A New Proposal of Direct Finance System Based on Blockchain Platform – Blockchain: The Invisible Technology that is changing the world” is another specialized presentation from Prof. Mitsuhiro Maeda of AIIT (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology – Tokyo, Japan) that attracted attention of people attending the Conference.

According to the presentation, with all the advantageous features of Blockchain against centralization, and helping improve supervising, reliability as well as reducing the costs in maintaining infrastructure and running the system, and break the intermediary examining information. Prof. Maeda proposed a direct finance system supporting the development of financial instruments and direct payment with an almost free fee incurred as well as without being monitored by any organization based on the Blockchain technology. The proposal stemmed from a reality that direct finance system of SMEs has been confronting many difficulties such as asymmetric information, the volumn of SMEs, the domination of indirect finance system, especially the infrastructure behind the direct finance system is not considered affordable – insecured – uneasy to share information.

Professor Mitsuhiro Maeda - Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology - Japan said at the seminar.

In the presentation regarding to “Digital pocket management (creat, add, delete), coin deposit, exchanging from Ethereum to Bitcoin, Ethereum transactions”, a specialist in Blockchain – Mr. Nguyen Van Luom shared a story about his start-up, which is an application utilized to exchange bitcoin to ethereum and vice versa. The projects has been implemented up since February 2018 by a group of 4 expecting to commercialize the application in order to promote the exchange among cryptocurrencies easier, faster and more secured.

Attending the Conference, MS. Ho DucLinh – a lecturer from I.T Faculty of Dong A University spoke “Embracing, researching and learning new technology like blockchain and its applications from leading experts would be the shorted path helping lecturers, students approaching and setting up a clear direction in both teaching and developing usefull and effective applications based on the spirit of the blockchain technology, which is transparency in sharing information in real time, saving space for storing and high secured characteristic.”

Previously, also early in 2018, the 19th international conference on “information technology applications on management – ITAM”, sequential scientific conferences including: the 1st conference on “E-commerce and its applications – ICEBA 2018” and the 7th one on “Economic and Marketing Management – CEBMM 2018” were hosted at Dong A University attracting many leading experts, researchers and professors from South of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, UK, the U.S.A, Germany, Canada and Nepal to attend and present their papers.

Duc Hoang

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