“Creative English Teaching Methods” Workshop

December 12, 2012, Dong A University worked with RMIT Vietnam to hold a workshop with the topic “Developing English Teaching Career”. The workshop is attended by all of the lecturers and staff from the Department of Foreign Languages and English Center, Dong A University and Dong A College. The workshop was delivered by Mr. Joel Swenddal and Mrs. Heather Swenddal, ELT- English Language Teaching, RMIT Vietnam.

The workshop is designed to provide the lecturers with a chance to share their knowledge and experience gained from the years of teaching and to meet with high qualified teaching experts.

Effective learning and teaching has been raised as an important issue at the last workshops. At this workshop, the speakers and the participants discussed in detail such issues as pronunciation teaching, computer based English teaching, vocabulary building and English learning based on real tasks.

Associate Professor - Dr. Tran Thi Hong: The workshop will bring many useful and interesting

Dong A University’s guideline to conduct its English programs is to teach for real purposes and real application.

During the workshop, difficulties, challenges and effectiveness of modern method application were discussed. It was agreed that the lecturers should access to new teaching approaches to explore students’ creation and interest and to motivate them to learn English apart from TESOL methods.

The lectures in discussion and group exercises

Overcome difficulties

According to the speakers, students from most Vietnamese universities don’t have good English. They don’t have a good English foundation and aren’t confident in English communication. Therefore, lecturers should make great efforts to help students have better experience and to seek for effective ways of English learning and teaching. There should be more English clubs and forums in which lecturers and students can assist and learn from each other.

Mr. Joel Swenddal

English learning requires students’ effort and patience

Speaker Heather Swenddal: Perseverance is very important

The patience to learn English is originated from the students’ perception to “Investing in knowledge to positively change lives” and build and developed by Dong A lecturers with their dedication.