Since 2012:

  • More than 126 international delegations have visited.
  • 4 conferences on studying abroad are being planned.
  • Organizing 4 international cultural exchange programs.
  • Developing 4 educational exchange programs.
  • More than 76 collaborative agreements with international partners have been signed.

Cooperative programs: ssupport in training activities, recruitment of students for internship programs and employment after graduation, organization of soft skill training courses such as job interviews, and organization dialogue program between businesses and students… 
Prepare students for high-quality, challenging labor markets with significant unaddressed human resource demands, such as Japan, Singapore, Germany, and so on, which we have gained a number of achievements, as follows:
Route-Inn Group (200 students each year)

  • Nanakamado Education Institute (100-200 nursing students for paid internship programs in Japan)
  • Japan of Asia Foundation (internships for 30 IT students)
  • NPO NGO and Koseikai Company (40-50 nursing students for internship)
  • IDO Company (10-30 students in food technology-biotechnology)
  • 7 - 11 Group(20-30 students in business administration and tourism)
  • Empire Group (3+6 and 6+6 internship programs)
  • WBS AG Group (German language training programs for students), Azurit Group (nursing students recruitment)…

International Cooperation