Dong A University Strengthens Collaboration with Wakayama National University, Japan

On December 19th, Dong A University welcomed a delegation from Wakayama University Japan, headed by their new President, Motoyama Mitsugi. The visit involved productive discussions and collaborative efforts between the two institutions.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao, Principal of Dong A University, and Ph.D. Ngo Quang Vinh, Vice Principal, along with faculty members from the Department of Japanese Language & Culture, extended a warm welcome to and engaged in collaboration with the esteemed delegation from Wakayama National University.

Founded in 1922, Wakayama University stands as an impressive public institution in Wakayama Prefecture. The university boasts four key faculties: Education, Economics, System Engineering, and Tourism. Notably, it has served as an academic exchange collaborator with Dong A University since February 2023.

At the inaugural meeting with President Motoyama Mitsugi, Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao of Dong A University conveyed thanks for a visit and expressed optimism about productive collaboration, citing shared values between the institutions. On his first visit to Vietnam, President Motoyama Mitsugi expressed his admiration: “I am truly impressed with the facilities at Dong A University, particularly the Japanese-standard kitchen practice area. The dynamic and diligent image of the students is also noteworthy. We envision future collaborations with UDA in the field of tourism”.

The delegation, in particular, expressed high praise for Nguyen Truong Duy, a student from the Faculty of Japanese Language & Culture, who successfully achieved the Japanese government scholarship (MEXT) and is currently pursuing studies at Wakayama University. The instructors who directly mentored Duy commended his active engagement in academic pursuits and his dedicated efforts in fostering international exchanges and learning. It is worth noting that in 2024, Dong A University plans to send two students as exchange participants for a year of study in Japan.

This visit marks a significant opportunity for Dong A University and Wakayama University to collaboratively broaden horizons, encompassing the organization of short-term courses and research partnerships. This effort aims to deepen existing exchanges and explore new avenues of cooperation. Both institutions have pledged to prioritize advancing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan through joint educational initiatives in the upcoming year.

In 2024, Wakayama University is set to offer a variety of Japanese language and culture programs, both online and in-person, for Dong A University students. Discussions have also explored potential exchanges and collaborations within the education faculties of both universities.

The executive board of Dong A University has recommended fostering conditions to offer additional master's scholarships to faculty members within the Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture, enabling them to advance their expertise through studies in Japan. Moreover, the delegation has concurred on exploring potential collaboration to host a Japanese speech contest in the near future.

With the positive outcomes of this meeting, there is optimistic anticipation for the further enhancement and growth of exchange and cooperation programs in the future. This development holds the promise of various opportunities for the dedicated educators and aspiring students of Dong A University.