Dong A University's Scholarships Open Doors to Nursing Internships and Jobs in Japan

Aijinkai Social Health Group granted scholarships totaling more than 300 million VND to Dong A University Nursing students to practice and work in Japan in 2024.

On November 4, 2023, Dong A University held its Graduation Ceremony for the Nursing program, marking the successful completion of 26 Bachelor graduates (course 2) of the Aijinkai program in Japan. 

On this special occasion, the Aijinkai Social Health Group has established a scholarship fund exceeding 300 million VND, earmarking it for the provision of 31 scholarships to nursing students at Dong A University. These scholarships are intended to support our students in internships and future employment in Japan. It’s worth noting that these annual scholarships are exclusively available to students enrolled in the Nursing program at UDA. 

The partnership between Dong A University and the Aijinkai Group has resulted in a structured program aimed at honing students' nursing skills. Aijinkai consistently dispatches experienced Japanese specialists to Vietnam, who deliver direct instruction in various aspects of nursing, including welfare care, rehabilitation, and the latest advancements in medical safety and infection control techniques, drawing upon the rich tradition of nursing care techniques in Japan. These educational sessions are conducted within the Japanese standard nursing practice room, known as the skills lab, at Dong A University. 

Recently, over 500 students and alumni from Dong A University have engaged in educational pursuits, internships, and long-term employment opportunities in various countries, notably with a majority finding placements across different regions in Japan. Dong A University has solidified a robust network of partnerships with 8 provinces and more than 130 business collaborators in Japan. These partnerships offer comprehensive cooperation models and career development pathways for students. The objective to send 1,000 students from diverse disciplines annually to gain practical experience and work opportunities in Japan by 2025 serves as the underlying aspiration. 

The 2nd Graduation Ceremony for Kameda Nursing graduates celebrated the achievements of students who excelled in the 35th Japanese national nursing exam, focusing on health care and rehabilitation. This significant event was organized this July in Japan.