International Conference "Explainable Artificial Intelligence in the 5.0 Industrial Revolution"

The International Conference "Explainable Artificial Intelligence in the 5.0 Industrial Revolution" at Dong A University: Leveraging AI to shape the future in Industrial Revolution 5.0

The international conference titled " Explainable Artificial Intelligence in the 5.0 Industrial Revolution" was officially launched on September 6 at Dong A University.

The 4th conference was co-organized by the International Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (IAD), Dong A University in collaboration with Gemtex Research Institute, Ensait University, Lille University, France; and HEC Liège School of Management, Liege University, Belgium. This is also the 8th international conference in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science conducted by Dong A University in collaboration with domestic and international research institutes, universities, scientists, and experts in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

The conference was held in both Vietnamese and foreign venues in face-to-face and online formats. On September 6, two working sessions were running concurrently, with ten topic reports provided by specialists from five countries around the world, including the United States, France, Belgium, England, and Vietnam. At the same time, numerous experts from research institutes, universities, and students from faculties specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS) in Vietnam attended this conference.

The conference is an annual forum on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and it is intended to be a venue for exchanging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific knowledge, as well as sharing varied aspects that create new directions and innovative solutions that encourage sustainable development."We are witnessing a unique blend of artificial and human intelligence as we enter Industry 5.0. Artificial intelligence is already transforming how we work, manage, and interact with machines and technology.

The explanation of artificial intelligence is an important aspect to examine in the context of Industry 5.0. Understanding why and how artificial intelligence systems make decisions is critical for human trust and acceptance in an increasingly complicated and diverse world. This ability not only ensures transparency and morality, but it also encourages constant improvement in the development of artificial intelligence systems.

We are not only confronted with opportunities but also with the responsibility of ensuring that artificial intelligence development advances positively and sustainably. This necessitates collaboration to ensure that artificial intelligence not only generates economic performance, but also contributes to the resolution of global concerns such as climate change, communist health care, and social inequality.", PhD. Do Sinh - Vice Rector of Dong A University - speaking at the conference.

The workshop will provide an overview and deep expertise on the explainable applications of artificial intelligence, as well as the achievements in the 5.0 Industrial Revolution in manufacturing, abnormal detection, process control, and health monitoring, led by top professors in the field of AI & DS. This comprises the following topics: smart garments for online monitoring of human health and positive emotions; sophisticated statistical techniques for tracking infectious diseases in space and time, are examples of; calculating techniques for combining data & incognito surveying data; Using a Digital Twin to identify online flaws in a manufacturing system, AI and the future of employment in statistical quality control; as well as the transition from Black box to explainable Artificial Intelligence in the sphere of 5.0 health care system; and so on.

The session "5.0 Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges" taking place on the same day's morning as part of the program attracted more than 100 direct and online attendances of lecturers and students from the Faculty of Technology - Dong A University. Many analyses about the context, opportunities, and challenges of the 5.0 Industrial Revolution in the vision of Expert, Associate Professor – HDR. (Doctor Habilitatus) Tran Kim Phuc. - the lecturer & researcher at the University of Lille, Graduate School MADIS-631, ENSAIT & GEMTEX, France, additionally spoke extensively with Dong A University Data Science students about the application possibilities and various growth prospects, as well as the fascinating fields provided by Data Science not only in technology but also in education, security, law, health and so on.