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Department of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in September 2007 in line with the Decision No.157 QĐ/CĐA.

For the main goal of training high-qualified graduates, the Department recruits good lecturers who have done master studies at well-known Vietnamese universities. At the present, the Department consists of 40 members, including 10 full-time lecturers and 30 part-time lecturers. The Department currently offers 3-year Associate Bachelor program in Office Administration, 2-year Vocational Diploma program in Archiving, Record Keeping and Filing, and 1.5-year Step-up Associate Bachelor in Office Administration.

With the goal of combining research and teaching, the Department not only gives young lecturer members many opportunities to do research but also engages competent students to join various projects in collaboration with other institutions. Besides, the Department faculty encourage students to take part in school-level research projects and invest much time in supervising their research activities.

Since the day of establishment, the Department has continuously planned for additional disciplines to meet the growing demand of learners in the central region in particular and Vietnam in general.