The Photography Competition with the topic “The Beauty of Danang” held by Dong A University in school year 2018 - 2019

The Photography Competition "The Beauty of Da Nang City"

1. Purpose of the competition”

  • The competition is aimed at developing the creation in learning and applying to reality for students while raising their awareness of the city love in which they are living and studying.
  • Making contribution to building a beautiful image of a worth-living city, helping develop tourism of Danang in both national and international aspects. Last but not least, advancing skills for UDA students with two - credit subject about media.

2. Candidates”

Students and former students of Dong A University.

3. Contest forms

There are two contest forms:

3.1. The first form


  • Each group has 1 - 3 students.
  • Taking 20 beautiful photos of Danang (including 4 pictures of UDA) with photo collection name and a story about Danang beauty.

Time duration:

  • Contestants submit the photo collection to form teachers to choose and then post on students’ Facebook before February 28.
  • Before 17h March 02, teachers pick 1 - 2 most beautiful collection with most Facebook ‘Likes, Share’ and send the Facebook Link of photographers to email: Simultaneously, the photo collection will be posted on the Facebook Page of that Faculty.
  • Before 10h March 05, the Organization Board will announce which collections are accepted to move to the next round.
  • Before 17h March 05, the first passing groups will present their photos (with stories) at the meeting hall Edison.
  • Students will gather at 7:30 March 06 at the meeting hall Edison
  • The Organization Board includes foreign experts and photography professionals

Standards and Requirements for scoring:

The photo collection quality, its title, the story content and topic argument expression (based on the practice score of Media Skills subject)

Scoring under the first contest form (Science Department)

Time Content Participants
March 05, 2019 (Afternoon) Groups present their photo collections and pick their ordinal numbers in the final round randomly Students and Faculty members
March 06, 2019
(7:30a.m - 8a.m)
Welcome delegates Organization Board
8h00a.m - 8h10a.m Contest opening ceremony Administrators
8h10a.m - 8h30a.m Inform the contest rules and guide contestants to start competing Organization Board
8h30a.m - 11h00a.m Representatives of groups respectively report and show the photo collections and the stories at Edison meeting hall. Each group will have 7 minutes to report the photos and their stories (5 minutes) and answer the questions from Organization Board (2 minutes)
11h00a.m - 11h30a.m Concluding Organization Board
11h30a.m Ending ceremony

3.2. The second form

Contest Rules:

  • Each student will have at least 10 photos and is encouraged to record one video (1 minute). Among the photos, there are at least 4 photos about Danang beauty, at least 4 photos about UDA beauty and at least 2 photos about their chosen major

Time duration:

  • Students submit the photo collections and videos for teachers to choose before March 14.
  • Students post on their personal Facebook account before March 15.
  • Teachers score to choose the best collections and send to Organization Board before March 20 via email and post the photos on the Facebook page of the Faculties.
  • The second scoring period from March 20 to March 24: Media Department will post the photo collections to the event named The Photography Competition “The Beauty of Danang” in UDA Facebook page (  for students to ‘like, share, and comment’ to vote for their favorite ones.
  • Before 5p.m March 25, Media Department will count the online votes for Organization Board to assess.
  • Announce the results  on March 26 (including the results of Media Skills subject, assessment of Organization Board and online vote)

4. Requirements for photos and videos

4.1. Photos and videos quality

  • Photos and videos can be taken by either cameras or phones under the format JPEG and JPG with the minimum size of  3Mb, high resolution (photos may be chosen to show at galleries).
  • Accept photos and videos edited by Photoshop but they shouldn’t be mistaken in geographical locations and too different from reality. Contestants must not be erased or added any other details in order to remain the real features of pictures about people, culture and sight of Danang; Contestants must not note anything or write their names on the photos.
  • Contestants add enough information to the word document: the photo collection name, each photo’s title, place  and time of take pictures, name of contestants, classes, faculties, email, phone numbers and Facebook Link. Contestants are responsible for the information related to the photos.

4.2. Copyright

  • Contestants are fully responsible for the copyright of their photos and the Organization Board is not responsible for any argument related to the copyright of the photos and videos. The photos must not receive any prize before and are not sent to any other competition now.
  • Dong A University has the right to make use of photos and videos for media and advertisement for students, classes and faculties and so on

5. Organization Board

  • Skills Office (Ms. Thu Van, Mr. Khoa Tuan)
  • Media Teacher (Management Department)
  • Media Office (Ms. Chi, Mr. Bach)
  • Teachers of  Faculties (1 Teacher/ Faculty)