Thanks a million

In these days, the weather is getting cold in early winter and the memories are recalled about the very special day on November.

November 20th, the Vietnamese Teacher Day – The day that we show our appreciating to teaching, a Nobel career. It is also an opportunity for the students to express their grateful and continue the tradition to respect teachers. "That’s my teacher, the great man!" can only be said from the students with their sincerity to teachers who inspire them through out lectures and help them find their own value with a positive attitude toward life.

On this special occasion, the Department of Communication-UDA officially received the letters of gratitude to teachers and the photos about the remarkable moments about teachers on their contribution to keep the most beautiful memories about the teachers-students relationship during study life at UDA.

Only 100 letters voted by teachers, alumni, and faculty members will be posted on the fanpage and the UDA website. In addition, the best letter will be sent directly to the mentioned teacher on November 19th as a gift of gratitude!

Please send your letter to email from November 5th to November 15th, 2018 (please write your information and teacher name in your email).