Second training on exploiting Open Education resources

Second training on exploiting Open Education resources

The second training course on the exploitation of Open Education resources organized by the Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges began the first session after the opening session this morning, April 28, at the Dong A University.

39 lecturers were nominated to attend the 2nd training session, divided into 2 classes. Among them, 7 lecturers who completed the first training course with the best results at the end of the course were selected as the "nucleus" to participate in teaching assistants at the 2nd course and the following courses.

The training course will take place in 2 days of 28 & 29/4, in which the practice time accounts for 3/4 of the entire course time. Guiding through the online system, Mr. Le Trung Nghia - Deputy Director of Open Education Development Department, Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges directly guides the manipulation of methods to exploit endless open educational resources on The world becomes a "clean" resource of copyright at a cost of 0 VND in Vietnam, easy to share and develop.

Trainers participating in the training will be shared about the Open World license system, tools and methods of exploiting open educational resources, sharing licensed resources on the internet, and exploiting TNGDM by creating "clean" video about copyright, ...

At the same time, experts also shared a fictional scenario for Vietnamese education with foreign language TNGDM in Vietnamese, skills for Open Science, Open Science career assessment matrix, and capacity framework for UNESCO lecturers, V3,2018.

Reportedly, the first training course on exploiting open educational resources took place on 27 & 28/3 also at Dong A University.