Over 43 million VND raised for the program “Be with Vien”

For many years, Dong A University has done a lot of meaningful things for community.

Mr Nguyen Van Ken - Deputy Secretary of the DongA University Union awarded support amounts from fundraising activities of the university for Cam Vien Doan.

More than 43 million VND is the total amount collected from the program ‘Be with Vien’, which will be used to support Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Vien - a senior of Finance - Accounting Faculty of Dong A University who is suffering from a serious disease and being treated at Danang Hospital.

Both teachers and friends felt so sad when hearing the lovely student from Quang Ngai province, who is always active and energetic, now has to stay in hospital because of a serious disease. She has to stop studying for a while in order to fight against the deadly disease. The program “Be with Vien” has been quickly promoted and organized from the 18 th to the 24 th of April, which is aimed at supporting her to overcome difficulties and come back to class early.” Mr. Nguyen Van Ken - the Deputy Secretary of UDA Youth Union shared.

Dong A University students join hands with “Be with Vien”

The spirit was widely spread through practical activities such as selling pens, cane juice with affordable price and raising fund directly. Each glass of cane - juice, each pen sold and every penny donated is meaningful activities and practical sharing for Vien.

After almost one week since the first day of the program, the money donated was given to Ms. Vien by the representatives of UDA Youth Union and Finance - Accounting Faculty.

Mr. Truong Van Tri, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting gave the support amount of 19,530,000 from the collective of teachers and students in the Faculty of Finance and Accounting to Nguyen Thi Cam Vien.

Only when coming to the department of nephro – urology can we understand the pain that the young girl has to face with. Cam Vien went to hospital five months ago due to such symptoms as tiredness, losing weight and difficulties in breathing. Her parents burst into tears when hearing that their daughter was exposed to chronic renal failure. With only a little amount of money set aside from doing farming, her family can not afford the surgery, which is very expensive.

“Each student going to university has their own dreams and ambition. Cam Vien is a student with good performance. Unfortunately, she has to cope with the deadly disease, which prevents her from accomplishing her goals. We expect that this small gift will be a motivation for her to overcome difficulties and come back school.” Mr. Truong Van Tri - Deputy Head of Finance - Accounting Faculty.

It is also known that Dong A students have made a lot of meaningful things such as supporting farmers from Ly Son island to sell shallots and garlics, giving car tickets for students with difficulties, building bookshelf for students living in Quang Nam, raising fund to construct three bridges in Phu Yen profince and so on.

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