Establishment of New Subdivisions of Dong A university in DakLak

On November 27, 2022, the Ceremony to announce the decision to establish a new subdivision of Dong A University in DakLak officially took place in Buon Ma Thuot city - the capital of the Central Highlands.

Leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training, the People's Committee of Dak Lak Province, leaders of local authorities and departments, the Board of Directors of high schools in the Central region - Central Highlands, universities, experts and business partners in and Abroad, the Board of Directors and lecturers of Dong A University together witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony - the opening ceremony and the official operation of the Dong A University Branch in Dak Lak.

At the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Phuc - Deputy Minister of Education and Training handed over the decision to establish the new subdivision of Dong A University in Dak Lak to the Board of Directors and the Council of Dong A University - officially opening enrollment activities and training a quality educational institution, gathering all the conditions for the development of professional skills in a system of modern training and practice institutions, an exciting learning space, and job discovery on-site to serve local economic development and international integration for students.

Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Phuc - Deputy Minister of Education and Training expressed his joy and congratulations on a meaningful new step for Dong A University in its efforts to develop its educational career and define the future towards training and fostering quality and practical human resources to serve the process of socio-economic construction and development of the Midwest region in particular and the whole country in general; establish a long-term development strategy with a scientific vision that quickly adapts to the new context of the country. “Observing the operation of Dong A University over the past time, the Ministry of Education and Training highly appreciates the dynamism in strategic thinking about improving the quality of training, scientific research work of students with innovative products applications, and high entrepreneurship. In particular, I am especially impressed with the strategy of building "positioning" of student quality by a strategic cooperation with prestigious foreign partners, to equip students with advantages in skills, expertise, professional attitude, and good foreign language working in Japan, Germany, etc. This is a different direction, an experience that should be encouraged, studied, and replicated.”

Located in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dong A University Branch in Dak Lak was built on a total area of ​​10 hectares, including 3 blocks of A, B, and C which is operating with the capacity of 115 theoretical classrooms, 27 specialized practice rooms, a library, a large hall, a multi-purpose sports area and a full range of function rooms. The scale of training for the first year in the period 2022-2030 of the branch will include 6 training majors: Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel Management, Food Technology, Nursing, and Information Technology. These are all majors in line with the long-term development trend in the Central Highlands and are also strong training majors on the scale of 36 disciplines in 9 significant groups of Dong A University. Witness the spacious and modern facilities of the Branch from the learning space, architectural overview and convenient professional practice infrastructure system for students, to a school-student ecosystem. - Businesses are closely connected early, creating a diverse network of local jobs for local economic development, international integration for students, etc. All of this makes me believe in the efficiency and success that the Branch brings in the future.”, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Phuc shared.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc expects that Dong A University will continue to promote its strengths in training and job connections for students in the domestic human markets and developed countries. for the implementation of the "dual goal" of quality and employment for human resources in the long-term strategy of the locality and the Central Highlands region. That is to build a high-quality human resource with management thinking and technology application ability, to develop modern services, to serve the development of key local industries; and a highly qualified human resource who has been trained and trained in the international environment in developed countries to return to contribute to the homeland. This is not only a need but also a development "backbone" for the important socio-economic position of the strategic land, especially important for national security and defence, and is one of the six major economic regions of the country. the whole country according to the direction of Politburo's resolution.

Speaking at the announcement ceremony of the branch decision, Dr Nguyen Thi Anh Dao – Rector of Dong A University emphasized: “The university, with its open and generous spirit, will and must contribute to the community, contributing to improving the working capacity of a region, because education and culture cannot come together. The university is also a place to invite the intellectual community to participate in rich and useful activities to contribute to this place and society.

Society expects universities for academic theoretical studies but also expects universities to address pressing needs. Therefore, at the same time, universities must invest in long-term training programs, also in many ways, organize or sponsor short-term career-oriented training programs to meet the urgent needs of regional development. The branch of Dong A University in Dak Lak will promote the fields of Economics, Logistics, tourism services, engineering, health, and language industries at the same time. It is interesting to be able to contribute to the training of owners on this land who have both front desk skills, travel-hotel skills and the ability to communicate in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ... to invite international friends, to develop the tourism economy in this land with many cultural nuances.

With the presence of the Branch here, the Japanese partners of the University have also initially suggested cooperating in the development of products in the fields of High-Tech Agriculture and Agro-mechanical Engineering, and Export products are diverse from intensive farming techniques, clean food…”

Dr Nguyen Thi Anh Dao also informed that, up to now, there have been more than 500 students of Dong A University working and studying in Japan, and soon Australia, Germany, Taiwan and many other countries around the world. The students are highly appreciated by partners and accepted to work after graduation, which is also a high-quality human resource for the business community and in the future, including this Central Highlands. “We expect that a large part of students studying at the Campus will go abroad to work, and the majority will work for foreign companies operating in the country. It is also a way to prepare high-quality human resources for the business community in various fields, and a large part of students return to start their businesses after graduating from work.”, Dr Anh Dao shared.