Dong A University: Welcome the Opening Ceremony and freshmen 2022

On the 7th October, Dong A University held the Opening Ceremony for the new academic year and awarded Special Talent Scholarships worth up to 12 billion VND

With the attendance of representatives from the People's Committee of Da Nang city, Da Nang Youth Union, local leaders and departments, affiliated businesses and Board of Directors of high schools in Da Nang, Dong A University teaching staff and over 4000 students had witnessed and celebrated the passing down of Dong A virtues of Responsibility, Professionalism, Success and Happiness to the new generation of students.

            In the Principal’s speach speech, Dr. Nguyễn Thị Anh Đào emphasized: “Nothing is comparable to a life of study, responsibility and integrity; Nothing can replace hard work and ethics; Success will not come to those who will not sacrifice time and effort; Global integration will not come to those living within the constraints of national borders and language barriers; You cannot reap what you did not sow. With persistence and responsibility, we will together stoke our collective intellectual fire in our hearts and embark on our life’s journey to success and prosperity.” Dr. Anh Đào also shared the purpose of Dong A University as not only an educational institute but also a moral guide aiding students navigating the ocean of life. A place where students can not only accumulate knowledge and hone their skills but also inherit and express humane virtues, learn to enjoy what life has to offer and find happiness.

            After a spectacular performance by the Dong A Dance and Arts club, Miss H’Hen Niê, crowned Miss Universe VIetnam 2017 made an appearance and shared her experience with over 3000 freshmen. Her story was one of courage, determination and a resolve to overcome her circumstances, H’Hen Niê’s journey from a village girl to Miss Universe inspired all those who listened and garnered fervent applause from the audience. H’Hen Niê’s personal story had served as an encouragement for Dong A students to believe in oneself, overcome challenges and setbacks; to never lose sight of one’s dream and purpose; with perseverance and hard work, any dream can be achieved.

            In recognition of her journey of perseverance and inspiring story of determination in the face of hardship, the Dong A Board of Directors awarded Ms. H’Hen Niê with the title of Cherry Blossom Ambassador. “H’Hen Niê’s story is not one of success and fame but one of perseverance and unending effort in the face of hardship. She is an inspiring figure that truly embodies the school’s virtues and has emboldened many hearts on this night.” -Dr. Anh Đào, Principal of Dong A University.

            To further celebrate the virtues of perseverance and responsibility as well as recognize the efforts to rise above one’s circumstances in the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, Dong A University have also awarded two full scholarships to two outstanding students.

            Nguyen Minh Chau is a IT major freshman at UDA. A lifetime constrained to a wheelchair did not dampen at all his determination and will to live and excel at every subject. What a coincidence it was when the role model of Minh Chau’s UPU International Writing competition was none other than H’Hen Niê herself, in his letter titled “What makes a hero?”. Her story resonated with his own experiences as a disabled person with limited motor functions and tied to a wheelchair since he was small. Despite his limitations, in meeting his hero, Minh Chau showed nothing but admiration and excitement. His determination and will to live had touched all of our hearts and will serve as an example to the rest of us.

            Over the course of the pandemic, all of us had faced hardships, but none more so than Nguyen Gia Huy, a Hotel Management major freshman. Covid-19 had not only taken away both of his parents but also his childhood and dreams of a loving home. Now living with his grandparents in Quang Nam, Gia Huy had not given up hope and had reaffirmed his determination to overcome the challenges ahead. The full scholarship awarded by UDA hopes to alleviate some financial burden for Gia Huy and his grandparents and serve as a reassurance to Huy that he is forever supported by the school.          

            In addition to Minh Chau and Gia Huy, the Cherry Blossom Scholarship fund by UDA has also been awarded to 85 other Talented freshmen. On stage were awarded 13 full scholarships (each worth 80 million vnd), 16 partial scholarships (each worth 40 million vnd) and 56 scholarships (each worth 24 million vnd). These are the talented representatives of the 2022 intake of 3000 freshmen.

In addition to the scholarships, UDA has also created student support funds to aid students during their time at Dong A. The cumulative value of awarded scholarships and student support funds amounts to over 12 billion vnd.

The Opening Ceremony 2022 was a colorful spectacle of music and culture and has succeeded in imparting the school’s virtues onto aspiring freshmen through the stories of H’Hen Niê, Minh Chau, Gia Huy and many others.