Dong A University students send love messages to cancer patients

Responding to the "I accompany with you" campaign, students of Dong A University (Da Nang) organized the program "Action for sunflower".

This is the 2nd year in a row that students of Dong A University join the campaign to contribute flowers to the Sunflower Festival 2018 - For the 11th cancer patient on November 25th. This year's program takes place from 8 pm on November 23 to 17h on November 25 at the school library, with the desire to spread the common message of the festival, contributing more faith and energy to the  children fighting with cancer.

Students of Dong A University prepare sunflowers for children with cancer. 

Nguyen Lam Tuong Vy is drawing two sunflowers with a smaller gift for cancer patients with a message saying, "The smile is the most precious gift that creator gives. Always be optimistic about life and smile!”. And bigger call on the community to join hands to help the“ little angels ”have the opportunity to overcome their pain to write and draw their own dreams.

Students of Dong A University participate in the "I accompany" campaign via Facebook.

And Luu Ngoc Anh sent a very emotional message on her personal facebook "Wishing you all the courage to fight the drugs, strong to defeat the pain and optimistic enough to overcome the disease. Please give me more time". Facebook German message "This is your life! Strongly overcome and lighten your childhood, your life! You are the sunshine", and Doan Thi Thanh prayed that "Miracles will appear because of their smiles”, Thu Thao encourages “Looking towards the sun, darkness will disappear. Come on, guys!".





Program "Action for sunflower" by students of Dong AUniversity

Student Nguyen Thi Ngoc Yen - Chairman of the Book and Action Club of Dong A University, in charge of organizing the Action program for the "sunflower" 2018 at Dong A University shared: "Choose the theme of Action for Sunflower to urge responsibility to share, act for the community is always full in the hearts of young people, and this is also the motto of the club. And the spread of information, resonance of community responsibilities from the Book Club Club and Action members and from a lot of active students at the school have multiplied the joy that there will be more children to have their wishes fulfilled. The program hopes to exceed 1,000 sunflower figures of the previous year​.”

It is known that in 2017, the teachers and students of Dong A University participated in the meanningful  program "1,000 sunflower for children with cancer". Besides, every year, the "Christmas warmth for cancer patients" program has also brought meaningful gifts including comic book cabinets, bowl sets and crayons, candies, ... births. Dong A University member mobilized to donate to the children at the Maternity Hospital - Pediatrics, Oncology Hospital. Danang.

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